Typing in the URL for this site on mental autopilot had me omitting the 2 such that I was redirected to Simon and Shuster urging me to act on last minute holiday ebooks and the ilk.

On the day in question, I saw someone fishing while wearing the local NFL team's colors in toto garb, Santa hat included. I did not ask if there was any catch, nor was I knowingly seen. The orange stang the cuts on her fingers.

Exhibit neither interest nor duress. Study how the affectless ache to repeal the ladanum. The declaritive danced a little jig while the jug emptied out our regress. Mix the three parts in in equal measure. 

Do you have the time? There were a few here but the referent swapped out the side on the sly. Cancelling the special did suffice to show how the song changed us.

There was never any us, just a use that fell away. Excepting the insistence to breathe pure.

Once is enough if you're never tired of the emotion's second hurting.