Ok. Wonder Woman the movie.

I was mildly excited about seeing it. I like movies less and less as I get older. My father didn't like movies. I thought it was weird that he disliked movies. But I am turning in to him....

I loved comics as a kid. But I thought the DC heroes and heroines were really boring in the 1970s compared with Spiderman and the Fantastic Four. Superman is Mr. Perfect and an alien anyhow. Who cares? Wonder Woman isn't human anyhow and why's she dressed as a man's wet dream? It's not a practical fighting costume. Stupid. Invisible Girl. Sigh. Token woman, but yeah, she represents us better than most heroines: she's a wife. She becomes a mother. She is treated as the weakest link. She has less brains, less power, less anger and flames. Yep. Invisible, just like the rest of us girls.

Reading Wonder Woman and the Very Angry Comediennes I thought, shit, now I don't want to see Wonder Woman after all.

But I changed my mind and went with my daughter.

At first I didn't like it. But....now I do. Because I have talked to two men, who interpreted events differently than I do. So what I like is the movie's ambivalence....go women, go woman directer, go men that worked on it, go people, go go go....


1. Does she have sex with him?
guy 1: yes. "Maybe more than once, since he is young." Uh, how do we count that? Is the number of times they have sex the number of times HE ejaculates? Or the number of times SHE does? Or if she cums 3 times and he does twice, does that count as having sex 5 times?
guy 2: no. She has already said in the boat, amazons have sex with men for procreation and have noted that men are not necessary for pleasure.
me: dunno. IF she did have sex, then why?

2. Was she drunk?
She was handed a drink before the fade out from him kissing her. Does it have alcohol? How much? Do Amazons drink alcohol? We don't know. Maybe she was drunk and banged him.

3. Has she killed anyone or anything before?
Ok, so she kills lots of people before the fade out from them kissing. Maybe she is banging him out of shock, grief and because she's drunk. On the other hand, she was raised fighting. Was she raised slaughtering chickens, cows and pigs? Are Amazons vegan?
guys: it's true love
me: I am wearing scepticals.

4. Hey, Amazons do it for procreation.
maybe she is sober, figures he's got a good chance of croaking and her too and decides to procreate. Why not? She's raised Amazon.

5. What are the role models for women?
ok, first of all, how many women are there in the film?
Are the Amazons women or are they something else? After all, Zeus takes them away to the island. BUT there are still women with men in the war. So, did Zeus only take women warriors? They are virgins, too. Only women virgin warriors? And why would she not be allowed back to the island? Because she is not a virgin? But hey, someone has got to sacrifice themselves to make more Amazons. Unless they aren't human and live forever. There were no children on the island. Maybe her calling or mission or whatever is really to produce more Amazons.
Ok, so I postulate that the Amazons are not human. Neither is she, she's a damn goddess. So there are two women in the movie: a villainess and a fucking secretary. Great. Oh, and some token crying victim women. I am role modelling away. If I have to pick one or the other, I wanna play the villainess. And they each get about one or two sentences and yeah, I knew the Brit was the evil God, duh.
One of the guys said, well, it's set in that time during a war. Oh, so there were no women around in WWI? How about some fucking camp followers? How about a women fighting on the front dressed as a man? Where is Mata Hari? Give me a nice bitchy whore to role model. Or, damn, I hope the Native American sidekick is a chick and that the PTSD Scotsperson is trans.

6. The only good woman is untouched by men.
Bleagh. This was my initial response. I hate the women are good until fucked by a man. Only virgins are pure, only virgins are moral, only virgins are good. Fuck me. Disney fucking princess. And once you are fucked you are bad, aka a Disney Queen. Oh, but, she is a goddess, so it doesn't count. Zeus fucked every woman and goddess he could get his hands on. Was Ares a slut? I don't know. Did Hera sleep around or was she in love, faithful and just pissed off all the time.

7. What is the outcome if Steve isn't killed off?
Bleagh again. A man is noble if he kisses the woman's hand and leaves her to continue his noble mission. What is a woman who says I love you and I am not going to marry you and keep house and bear your children because I like fighting a lot better? A noder said to me today: "well-- men don't like embracing badgers- as a general rule". Men are allowed to be aggressive. In women we call that Bitch. So he is killed off so that she can keep fighting and there isn't a keeping house issue and also she can remain pure in the future because it was True Love. Maybe she let him get on the plane deliberately....I could see that. Saves her a fuckload of role trouble.

So... I kinda hope the real mission is for her to repopulate the Amazons. She can bang whoever the fuck she wants. Just like her daddy.