A stealthie is my take on selfies. It's a photograph where there is a part of me or a reflection that is tiny or distorted. I think most of mine are photos of my feet.

Here: https://drkottaway.com/2018/05/22/stealthie-2/

Send me your tired, your poor, your stealthies....

A friend and I take photographs together. We were walking around in Seattle in the early morning. He photographed street people asleep. I didn't feel comfortable with this. He said, "On the street anyone is fair game." I said, "So many of those people have mental health or addiction problems or both. I would want to ask before I photographed and maybe offer a little money." I always buy the $1.00 Real Change newspaper when I am walking around in Seattle, often getting it as I get off the ferry. With the way my very own medical community peers and family attacked me over the last ten years, I have deep sympathy for people who have gone off the rails. Broken hearts all over. That morning I did take a photograph of a guy skateboarding with a coffee in one hand and briefcase in the other. Off to work. It's the vulnerability of people and the terrible access to treatment for mental health and addiction in our US medical system that makes me not want to photograph homeless without permission.

The ethics of posting photographs of strangers is changing too, as we lose privacy and the web follows each of us.