Food Coma is an uncommon four mana white enchantment card from Magic: The Gathering. At the time of this writing, it has only been printed in the Wilds of Eldraine (WOE) set, Collector #0308, with art by Iris Compiet.

The flavor text on the card is a Faerie idiom for asleep.

Food Coma allows a player to exile a target creature an opponent controls until Food Coma leaves the battlefield, and to create a food token. Alas, if the first action fizzles, so does the second, and no food will be created. This card is an example of removal as well as life gain. With multiple mechanics, Food Coma synergizes with cards that care about enchantments, artifiacts, gaining life, leave the battlefield triggers, enter the battlefield triggers, sacrificing food, and creating artifact and/or food tokens.

“Busy as a bumblesheep.”

Remember: Whatever you do, don’t eat the delicious cards!