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Cream of the Cool

Please help me, I begged her silently.
"I'm fine."
I'm not fine, and I am going to kill someone, and I don't know if I'll be able to stop.
"I'm fine, let's go back.”
--John Cleaver

I Am Not a Serial Killer is the 2010 debut novel of writer Dan Wells and the first in the original John Cleaver I am Not a Serial Killer trilogy. There is another trilogy featuring John Cleaver coming up.

Spoiler-Free Synopsis:

I've been digging, cleaning, cooking and eating Razor Clams for over half a century, but I am not a biologist, so for those interested in detailed scientific and taxonomic information I have provided source links at the end of this article.

Where are the valves on a skeleton?

Their shells are not a pretty shape like the…

Back, way back when I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time exploring the margins of my world. I had a special affinity for railroad tracks, both for the romantic allure of freight trains and for the practical reason that train tracks usually were the best source of unsettled land in an urban area. There was one particular sliver of land, called for historical reasons Pranklin, that ran between freight tracks and where I-205 and I-84 diverged. One night, at the age of…


I wrote this between 1990 and 1992 on spec to Warner BooksVirginia Kidd was my agent.  It's the beginning of a 130,000 word novel.

I paid a professional editor $2000 to fix it up for me. That was a substantial percentage of my take home, back then.  And I had three kids and a wife to support.  We could have used the $2k to go on a nice family vacation.  Instead, I sent it to a coin-operated woman in Los Angeles who was recommended…