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Cream of the Cool

When Greg had gotten grandad's property in the will, the realtor told him about the crows. "They'll be no problem, I assure you," he'd said. "They're not vocal."

"But crows are always vocal," he'd replied.

"Not these ones," the realtor had said. "Don't bother them, and they won't bother you."

He hadn't believed, but he signed anyway.

* * * * *

As large as the property was, the old mobile home that came with it was small, but that suited him fine. Like his grandad,…

The dead man was waiting for the bus again.

In one hand he had a briefcase, the other fiddled constantly with a pocket watch. His suit was out of place and out of date by seventy years. The hat he wore was fashionable again, in a retro way, but he'd gotten it when the style had originally been popular.

The waitress watched him from the diner's front window while she cleared the tables. It was the slow hour between breakfast and lunch in a small town where nobody had time for brunch.

On a barrier island off New Jersey my husband waited as I brushed my hair. The plan was visiting a Rain Garden and two other gardens before the day became too hot. With screen door open, I overheard him say "seagull" several times then shout, "Hurry, come out here fast!" Dropping everything, I dashed out to see him pointing at a smallish turtle who had crossed the road and was moving fast over white pebbles and flagstones.

I yelled upstairs, "Grandpa found a turtle!" While…

Little thing. Testing this out. Feedback is appreciated.

"Go ask Krynu for the blessing," Mamma said. She hefted up a basket of vegetables. "I'm going to the market today, and we need the blessing to make sure we sell well."

Loey didn't want to, but she knew it was no use arguing with Mamma. But she hated asking Krynu for anything.

Loey went to the other room where Gramma was sitting in the corner, staring off at nothing, slumped in her…