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Cream of the Cool

Progress continues, apace. Which, of course, is what progress does. Making that tautological. But nevermind.

I've been able to eat a few additional foods. I've so far gone beyond liquids with:

These have all been most welcome despite my being limited to approximately 4-6 tablespoons of any combination of them at any…

The Martian
By Andy Weir
Broadway books, 2011

The Martian is an excellent work of near-future hard science fiction. It is set in our own world, but advanced by a few years, to the point that manned flight to Mars has been underway for some years. The story starts mid-way through the USA's third trip to the red planet, and nothing too very exciting is expected. Unfortunately, only six days into the mission a massive sand storm…

I am dealing with what I have come to realize is a bit of an epiphany.

So I’ve been going out to bars/restaurants with people and having water while they eat/drink. I’ve been sitting with people at office having lunch. Half-facetiously, I’ve been asking to borrow their food and booze to take a deep sniff of it to ‘practice’, to steel myself for doing this.

I’ve realized something fucking mindboggling.

In the entirety of my memory, maybe my entire life, I have never,…



When I was 12  there was a boy I liked named Keith. I remember his face and the way he smelled, but I don't remember why I liked him. At the old house we had a big backyard.  I got in trouble once for repeating a word I heard my dad use; I said that our backyard was as big as the whole fucking world. Memphis is a very green city, lots of trees, lots of bushes

I remember how the bushes smelled in our backyard.

My uncle was a…