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Cream of the Cool

I don't know how much the local news gets into the national or international circuit, but events in my hometown have supposedly been drawing a lot of media attention. They have been here, anyway.

The Albuquerque Police Department has recently gotten itself into some trouble due to their absurd number of lethal shootings, the most egregious (but not the latest) one being the shooting of James Boyd, an extremely troubled man by all accounts who is probably the only homeless man in the entire…

Researching oxytocin takes you in one of two directions.

Explaining its chemistry is not something that can be done easily with plain language. Greek tells you that it means "quick birth." This tells you nothing.

Oxytocin is a nonapeptide. Peptides are combinations of amino acids. "nona" is nine — Oxytocin is a combination of nine amino acids. If you are a neurologist, you probably wrote down and memorized a mnemonic expressing the order of these acids to better…

When I was a small boy in Anaheim, California, life always meant that after sundown, no matter the worries, you could go to the corner of your street and watch fireworks from the nearby Matterhorn at Disneyland. Heading back from a grandparents house could mean a stop to watch the Dancing Waters in front of a hotel. Some weeknights we'd go and meet Dad across the street from his work for pizza at Shakey's where a guy hammering on a…

Anyone who explains wabi-sabi first says it's a difficult concept to convey to Westerners.

I'm Cuban by heritage and American by geography, so this will likely be an exercise in mutual blindness.

That's fine with me.




My mother has a scar.

She was not born with this scar, but received it while pregnant. It was years before I learned that, while the scar had risen from the application of a hasty scalpel, it…