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Cream of the Cool

Zoomcakes, noun. Plural: Zoomcakes. Singluar: Zoomcakes.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size Unknown

Servings Per Container: Estimated at 6.02214129(27)×10^23

Calories: 6.626 068 96(33)×10^–34 Calories from fat: Not known.

% Daily Value*

Total Fat: 12% Saturated Fat 3% Omega-3 2% Omega-6 2% Trans Fat 4%

Sodium 34%

Total Carbohydrates 40% Dietary Fiber 2% Sugars 20%


I was watching a TED Talk delivered by Dan Ariely where he discussed whether or not we were in control of our own actions. After watching this, I read his book, Predictably Irrational, which went through the ideas in the TED Talk in more detail. One of the concepts that I found interesting was this idea that "Free" isn't necessarily free. There were two chapters in the book that discussed…

The Buffalo Creek disaster occurred on February 26, 1972, when a Pittston coal mining slurry impoundment collapsed. The collapse of the dam unleashed 500 000 cubic meters of waste water upon 16 hamlets in the valley below, in Logan County, West Virginia. Out of a population of 5000 people, 125 lost their lives, 1121 were injured and 507 homes were destroyed. This is an essay on the book written by Gerald M. Stern who represented the victims in what is now a landmark class action

Gamma World also suffered by it not being that clear what the world was supposed to be.

I remember finding this in a half price/used bookstore, a dented box with sub-par graphics on the front side, with "Gamma World" written in very crude, "Shatter" font - that made the futuristic ideal of the game wonderfully and ironically retro. The dice were shoddy and crudely printed, and it is my understanding that the dice included with this set (a TSR game) was not of the same quality afforded to…