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Cream of the Cool

Well, I'm home. Surgery went smoothly, so they only kept me overnight. This was a relief because a Jewish grandmother across the curtain from me spent the night moaning and repeating "Let me go. Let me go." I was somewhat unnerved by this until the next morning, when it became clear that she meant 'let me go to the bathroom' because she was having trouble urinating.

The surgery. I of course know nothing of it, I was under general anesthesia. I do know that I feel like I've been hit in…

US Election:

Donald Trump is now 100% guaranteed to be the nominee. Kasich has nowhere near enough support EDIT: HAS DROPPED OUT!, and the distant second, Ted Cruz who had pinned his last remaining hopes to a brokered convention has suspended his campaign for President of the United States following a hammering loss in Indiana.

For those outside the US who don't understand the import - people don't "quit" running for President. For certain legal and…

As a hiring manager for a software company, I interviewed using behavioral interview questions, also known as the 'STAR' technique. The candidate is asked to talk about a specific instance that demonstrated a capability or a response to some specific circumstance. The interviewer listens for these elements:

Fellow sophonts, please forgo your usual enscribbling in favor of the newest frontier: counterfactual universes! Yes, it is time for the latest in an intermittent series of science fiction quests. Specifically, from May 1st, 3016 to June 1st, 3016.

Please node about things that have not yet been fully invented, beasts that have not formally evolved, people not officially released for public consumption, and alternate timelines of all stripes.…