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Cream of the Cool

Who was Henrik Willem Mesdag?

Henrik Willem Mesdag (1831-1915) was a Dutch painter and art collector from the city of Groningen, known primarily for his oil paintings of maritime scenes and his personal collection of art, which lives on in the form of the modern Mesdag Museum in The Hague.

Mesdag's Life

Born into an upper-middle class lifestyle, Mesdag was the third son of a banker. His fortunate birth allowed for tutoring in the arts at a…

We'd bought the ticket on Friday, to fly out on Sunday and arrive on Monday. She was so excited. She said “See you soon!” We thanked God together, said a little thankful prayer that we'd been able to find a ticket at such short notice, and one into Heathrow instead of Gatwick. A semester at UCL had been her dream since starting college and it was finally going to come true. We were going to have a semester together in the same city. I…

I went to the 46th Annual OHSU Primary Care Review, held at the Sentinel Hotel in Portland, Oregon last week.

It was excellent. It was surreal since the Sentinel Hotel started as a 1923 Elks' Club and the satyr cupid friezes kept distracting me with the marble penises and war chariots during the lecture updating us on urinary incontinence.


Jesus Fucking Christ.

I do this every time she invites me over and I don't know why I forget which apartment is hers and I knock on H205.

I don't hear her voice or footsteps and after about three paranoid seconds I remember she is on the third floor, not the second, and I haul ass up the concrete stairs without giving her neighbor a chance to answer the door.

I have no explanation prepared for why I have a bulky jacket on, pockets bulging, reeking of weed and if the door opened…