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The Best of The Week

"We are Americans."

Back in 1986, a little girl wanders away from her parents at the beach in Santa Monica, and encounters her duplicate in a House of Mirrors.

Decades later, she returns with her husband and children to the same location, where they meet the doppelgänger and her equally disturbed family.

The reunion, on the whole, goes rather poorly.

Jordan Peele's second film follows the successful Get Out with a bigger budget and a broader net. He gets full credit for taking a bizarre horror premise and letting it grow increasingly strange, in ways that follow from the premise's own internal nightmare logic. The movie takes unexpected turns. Perhaps the only thing not surprising is the final twist, which I have to imagine most viewers will see coming some ways off. I don't see the fact as a flaw, particularly; it makes perfect sense, especially metaphorically and thematically.

The film asks…

Mostly, I’m more than likely to try to get people to show a little more sensitivity than be on the offending side — the few times I’ve gotten told off by  the PC police I’ve laughed off, like the time I was told not to read Charles Darwin in public so as not to afflict some evangelicals nearby. I generally don’t have much contact with “overprotected Millennial snowflakes” so-called. Mostly the ones I’ve met were kind of Crusader Rabbit types, the kind of young folks who…
We were able but not willing. That wasn't how it was supposed to work. When I first received a lantern, they told me the power available would be limited only by my own will. That wasn't quite how it turned out either.

Things were mostly smooth at first. The initial missions went about as well as could be expected. But as the months went by, I noticed a marked drop in my motivation. I wasn't the only one.

"Are you OK?" one of the elders asked me one day. "You seem out of sorts."


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