Remove lid. Add water to fill line. Replace lid. Microwave for 1 1/2 minutes. Let cool for 3 minutes.

The Best of The Week

he is twenty one and he wraps it up like an old pro. i am turned on by this act, by his efficiency. i am nervous and i don’t care. he blows fresh smoke into my mouth and i inhale; a crude, yet pretty, ghost kiss. i don’t feel anything.

we are no longer at the rock quarries on the picnic table. we are sitting on a couch that is too soft and he is showing me how to use a bong. i don’t like the word or the look of it but the fumes sneak inside my brain and suddenly everything is muted, like cotton has been stuffed inside my head. i feel like a doll.

he rolls three more, one right after the other. we smoke them and now i have learned to inhale the inhale, all the way to my lungs. sometimes it hurts and burns up my throat. i cough but the coughing feels good. i am starving.

the pizza comes when i am laying with cameron on the couch, limbs tangled with each other. they lay the box on my belly and he opens it up and takes out a few slices and i am giggling like mad because…

hunched over the sink vomiting blue
toothpaste bubbles, gagging. i need new toothpaste, mom.
this stuff makes me sick. it tastes awful.

she shrieks. absentmindedly i touch a toy telephone
and memories rush at my eyes, all the things
she ever bought me. she is screaming. when's it gonna
be enough, huh? It's always wantwantwant with you!
where does it ever go? what did you do with any of it?
it was all a waste!

some indescribable feeling. a hand reaches…

cinnamon toast, eggs mashed with
forks, mustard. grilled cheese
autopilot. i am a dog
stuck on a fence, shocked
over and over again.

happiness is

i forget.

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