Sweet lolita, or amaloli in Japanese, is a subtype of the lolita fashion movent in Japan. Unlike gothic lolita, which is, well...gothic, a sweet lolita does not wear a lot of black and is more interested in having a sweet, childish image than being scary. lolitas aren't like the book because somehow the japanese decided Lolita was the little girl and liking them was a Lolita complex, so a lolita girl is a super sweet innocent. actually a lot of japanese lolitas enjoy that most men think they're not attractive in those clothes. it's primarily a way to relive childhood.

A sweet lolita wears a lot more white and pastel colors like pink, or baby blue. A sweet lolita is more likely to wear printed fabrics or clothing with emblems on them, popular motifs are flowers, cherries, anything having to do with Alice in Wonderland, crowns, and desserts. The brand Baby, the Stars Shine Bright also has a partnership with Sanrio and so they make items with hello kitty and charmmy kitty on them. Sometimes sweet lolis carry dolls or stuffed animals or purses shaped like them.

A sweet lolita's clothing is generally more ornate and frilly than any other type, with rows of white lace and ribbons found everywhere. The brands that most closely follow the sweet lolita style are Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty.

Sweet lolitas also wear frilled petticoats to keep their skirts poofy, but they are more likely to wear long bloomers that protrude out from under their skirts than other lolita types. A sweet lolita's makeup is generally very simple and little-girl like, she doesn't wear the dark lipstick found on goth lolis.

A sweet lolita may sport the traditional japanese "hime cut" which consists of eyebrow length bangs and forelocks or sidebangs cut to either cheek or jaw length. This is thought to be a more elegant alternative to the other lolita style of curling her hair in ringlets, which may damage the hair and is a lot of work.

For her headwear the sweet lolita prefers large bows of the alice band type or mini crowns and straw hats with flowers or fruit. She is more likely to sport the lolita's trademark "headdress" which is a rounded or square strip trimmed in lace or ruffles that ties under the chin. The effect is similar to a maid's headpiece or a bonnet with no brim. The sweet lolita can also be seen in baby bonnets, but this look is difficult to pull off and may be avoided.

Characters in anime and manga who wear sweet lolita include Chii from Chobits, Momoko Ryugaski in Kamikaze Girls, and Miwako Sakaruda from Paradise Kiss.

Related subtypes of lolita:

Classic lolita: plainer colors, floral prints, less overuse of lace, skirts are longer (past knee length), more attempt at period clothing. Victorian Maiden and Juliette et Justine are brands that fall under this style. A classical lolita is more likely to try to adopt Victorian era language or customs into her daily life.

Shirololi: shiro is the japanese word for "white" so shirololis are lolita who dress all in white.

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