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I set up the first TV station on Mount Wilson. I am the master of the vacuum tube!

Note: as of August 19, my son and I will be visiting another son and his family in DC, so I'll be offline for a while. Happy noding to all!

I was born in 1923, in Denver, Colorado. My folks ran a service station there. I had one sister six years older; she died in 1968. I married a woman I met in Mexico and we had six children, five boys and a girl; my wife is dead too now. The kids are grown, and having kids of their own.

My eldest son, Charles, is retarded. He lives with me. I am a little anxious about what will happen to him when I am gone. He's a very nice guy, but not too competent.

I was a "geek" before the word was invented. I'm enjoying the extended conversation of this site, very much.

I'm back. Sort of. I'm feeling the loss of my wife very much, more as the years go by. I'm worried about my eldest son. But I'm glad to be here.