Tim Peters, c. 1950 -

  1. An incredibly smart and funny guy.
  2. A master of Python, and employee of PythonLabs
  3. The inventor of Fractional Winkery
  4. The teacher who gave us the Zen of Python
  5. Perhaps not the inventor, but certainly the popularizer, and probably the most adept at the use, of adverbial phrase signoffs.
  6. In some minds, the pretended human form of the Timbot

Not only a Python guru, Tim also knows everything there is to know about the binary representation of floating point numbers, and the ins and outs of the implementation of floating point arithmetic in both hardware and software.

And he apparently never tires of preaching the anti-bible of pseudo-random numbers.

BTW, a member of the ANSI C committee once told me that the only thing rand is used for in C code is to decide whether to pick up the axe or throw the dwarf, and if that's true I guess "the typical libc rand" is adequate for all but the most fanatic of gamers .

-- Tim Peters, 21 June 1997.

He also is knowledgeable in the ways of compilers for computer programming lanuages, having written several in the past when he worked for Kendall Square Research and Cray Research.

"Never-sleep-on-a-Cray-without-a-parka"-ly yrs, C-Dawg
(paraphrasing Uncle Timmy)

Here's part of what Tim said when I asked his permission (ex post facto) to post this here:

If I can't stop the National Enquirer from suggesting I'm having a homosexual relationship with the Pope, I'm sure not going to oppose a fine fellow like you <wink>.

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