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Are you really looking for almost all the words in the English language?
Yes, dammit. Now cough up.


abirritation A pathological condition opposite to that of irritation; debility; want of strength; asthenia.
ablaqueation The act or process of laying bare the roots of trees to expose them to the air and water.
abligurition Prodigal expense for food.
addoom To adjudge.
adelaster A provisional name for a plant which has not had its flowers botanically examined, and therefore has not been referred to its proper genus.
adenography That part of anatomy which describes the glands.
adessenarian One who held the real presence of Christ's body in the eucharist, but not by transubstantiation.
adhamant Clinging, as by hooks.
adosculation Impregnation by external contact, without intromission.
aegophony The sound of a patient's voice so modified as to resemble the bleating of a goat, heard on applying the ear to the chest in certain diseases within its cavity, as in pleurisy with effusion.
agrostography A description of the grasses.
airling A thoughtless, gay person.
aknee On the knee.
alder-liefest Most beloved.
alfet A cauldron of boiling water into which an accused person plunged his forearm as a test of innocence or guilt.
all-possessed Controlled by an evil spirit or by evil passions; wild.
amphigony Sexual propagation.
angariation Exaction of forced service; compulsion.
angelage Existence or state of angels.
anomural Irregular in the character of the tail or abdomen; as, the anomural crustaceans.
anthropoglot An animal which has a tongue resembling that of man, as the parrot.
antigalastic Causing a diminution or a suppression of the secretion of milk.
antiguggler A crooked tube of metal, to be introduced into the neck of a bottle for drawing out the liquid without disturbing the sediment or causing a gurgling noise.
antrovert To bend forward.
apocrisiary A delegate or deputy; especially, the pope's nuncio or legate at Constantinople.
apophlegmatizant (A medicine) designed to facilitate discharges of phlegm or mucus from mouth or nostrils.
aquifou A lead ore found in Cornwall, and used by potters to give a green glaze to their wares; potter's ore.
arbustive Containing copses of trees or shrubs; covered with shrubs.
archaeostomatous Applied to a gastrula when the blastorope does not entirely up.
archwife A big, masculine wife.
aubaine Succession to the goods of a stranger not naturalized.
aviette A heavier-than-air flying machine in which the motive power is furnished solely by the aviator.


bablah The ring of the fruit of several East Indian species of acacia; neb-neb. It contains gallic acid and tannin, and is used for dyeing drab.
baby farm A place where the nourishment and care of babies are offered for hire.
bambocciade A representation of a grotesque scene from common or rustic life.
barbellulate Barbellate with diminutive hairs or barbs.
barbermonger A fop.
barleybrake An ancient rural game, commonly played round stacks of barley, or other grain, in which some of the party attempt to catch others who run from a goal.
baselard A short sword or dagger, worn in the fifteenth century.
batful Rich; fertile.
bechic Pertaining to, or relieving, a cough. A medicine for relieving coughs.
bedaff To make a daff or fool of.
bedright The duty or privilege of the marriage bed.
bedswerver One who swerves from and is unfaithful to the marriage vow.
bemonster To make monstrous or like a monster.
besaiel A great-grandfather. A kind of writ which formerly lay where a great-grandfather died seized of lands in fee simple, and on the day of his death a stranger abated or entered and kept the heir out. This is now abolished.
beslaver To defile with slaver; to beslobber.
besnuff To befoul with snuff.
bezoartical Having the qualities of an antidote, or of bezoar; healing.
bibcock A cock or faucet having a bent down nozzle.
blatteroon A senseless babbler or boaster.
blissom To be lustful; to be lascivious. Lascivious; also, in heat; -- said of ewes.
bluegown One of a class of paupers or pensioners, or licensed beggars, in Scotland, to whom annually on the king's birthday were distributed certain alms, including a blue gown; a beadsman.
blushet A modest girl.
bogsucker The American woodcock; -- so called from its feeding among the bogs.
bois durci A hard, highly polishable composition, made of fine sawdust from hard wood (as rosewood) mixed with blood, and pressed.
bragly In a manner to be bragged of; finely; proudly.
breedbate One who breeds or originates quarrels.
brob A peculiar brad-shaped spike, to be driven alongside the end of an abutting timber to prevent its slipping.
bultow A trawl; a boulter; the mode of fishing with a boulter or spiller.
burghbote A contribution toward the building or repairing of castles or walls for the defense of a city or town.
byard A piece of leather crossing the breast, used by the men who drag sledges in coal mines.
by-drinking A drinking between meals.


cack To ease the body by stool; to go to stool.
cagmag A tough old goose; hence, coarse, bad food of any kind.
camoys Flat; depressed; crooked; -- said only of the nose.
caperclaw To treat with cruel playfulness, as a cat treats a mouse; to abuse.
carmot The matter of which the philosopher's stone was believed to be composed.
cat-silver Mica.
cephalad Forwards; towards the head or anterior extremity of the body; opposed to caudad.
cespititious Same as Cespitious [not found].
cheslip The wood louse.
chideress She who chides.
chopchurch An exchanger or an exchange of benefices.
chuffy Fat or puffed out in the cheeks. Rough; clownish; surly.
circumjovial One of the moons or satellites of the planet Jupiter.
claspered Furnished with tendrils.
cockal A game played with sheep's bones instead of dice. The bone used in playing the game; -- called also huckle bone.
coddymoddy A gull in the plumage of its first year.
coffle A gang of negro slaves being driven to market.
cogitabund Full of thought; thoughtful.
cokewold Cuckold.
colling An embrace; dalliance.
collingly With embraces.
comboloio A Mohammedan rosary, consisting of ninety-nine beads.
consopiation The act of sleeping, or of lulling, to sleep.
constablewick The district to which a constable's power is limited.
couple-beggar One who makes it his business to marry beggars to each other.
courap A skin disease, common in India, in which there is perpetual itching and eruption, esp. of the groin, breast, armpits, and face.
crab-yaws A disease in the West Indies. It is a kind of ulcer on the soles of the feet, with very hard edges.
crocky Smutty.
cruentate Smeared with blood.
cruller A kind of sweet cake cut in strips and curled or twisted, and fried crisp in boiling fat.
cubbridge-head A bulkhead on the forecastle and half deck of a ship.
cuckold's knot A hitch or knot, by which a rope is secured to a spar, the two parts of the rope being crossed and seized together; -- called also cuckold's neck.
cucquean A woman whose husband is unfaithful to her.
cuinage The stamping of pigs of tin, by the proper officer, with the arms of the duchy of Cornwall.
curculionidous Pertaining to the Curculionideae, or weevil tribe.
curmurring Murmuring; grumbling; -- sometimes applied to the rumbling produced by a slight attack of the gripes.
cynorexia A voracious appetite, like that of a starved dog.
cyphonism A punishment sometimes used by the ancients, consisting in the besmearing of the criminal with honey, and exposing him to insects. It is still in use among some Oriental nations.


dagswain A coarse woollen fabric made of daglocks, or the refuse of wool.
dallop A tuft or clump.
dashism The character of making ostentatious or blustering parade or show.
deadish Somewhat dead, dull, or lifeless; deathlike.
debel To conquer.
dedecorate To bring to shame; to disgrace.
demvill A half-vill, consisting of five freemen or frankpledges.
dephlegmator An instrument or apparatus in which water is separated by evaporation or distillation; the part of a distilling apparatus in which the separation of the vapours is effected.
dephlegmedness A state of being freed from water.
depucelate To deflour; to deprive of virginity.
desparple To scatter; to disparkle.
diapophysis The dorsal transverse, or tubercular, process of a vertebra.
digenesis The faculty of multiplying in two ways; -- by ova fecundated by spermatic fluid, and asexually, as by buds.
dingle-dangle In a dangling manner.
disoppilate To open.
ditty-box A small box to hold a sailor's thread, needles, comb, etc.
dogdraw The act of drawing after, or pursuing, deer with a dog.
dogship The character, or individuality, of a dog.
doughfacism The character of a doughface; truckling pliability.
dousing-chock One of several pieces fayed across the apron and lapped in the knightheads, or inside planking above the upper deck.
dowcet One of the testicles of a hart or stag.
dozzled Stupid; heavy.
drearing Sorrow.
droil To work sluggishly or slowly; to plod. A drudge. Mean labour; toil.
drossel A slut; a hussy; a drazel.
dungmeer A pit where dung and weeds rot for manure.
dust-point An old rural game.
dwang A piece of wood set between two studs, posts, etc., to stiffen and support them. A kind of crowbar. A large wrench.


earal Receiving by the ear.
earshrift A nickname for auricular confession; shrift.
earthmad The earthworm.
earthquave An earthquake.
elbowboard The base of a window casing, on which the elbows may rest.
embracery An attempt to influence a court, jury, etc., corruptly, by promises, entreaties, money, entertainments, threats, or other improper inducements.
enfeeblish To enfeeble.
engarboil To throw into disorder; to disturb.
englaimed Clammy.
erke Slothful.
etter pike The stingfish, or lesser weever (Tranchinus vipera).
euosmite A fossil resin, so called from its strong, peculiar, pleasant odour.
excernent Connected with, or pertaining to, excretion.


fair-world State of prosperity.
falcongentil The female or young of the goshawk (Astur palumbarius).
father-lasher A European marine fish (Cottus bubalis), allied to the sculpin; -- called also lucky proach.
fellifluous Flowing with gall.
fenks The refuse of whale blubber, used as a manure, and in the manufacture of Prussian blue.
finew Mouldiness.
fire-fanged Injured as by fire; burned; -- said of manure which has lost its goodness and acquired an ashy hue in consequence of heat generated by decomposition.
flabellation The act of keeping fractured limbs cool by the use of a fan or some other contrivance.
flawter To scrape or pare, as a skin.
foiningly With a push or thrust.
fon A fool; an idiot.
fop-doodle A stupid or insignificant fellow; a fool; a simpleton.
forswat Spent with heat; covered with sweat.
foundershaft The first shaft sunk.
foziness The state of being fozy; spiritlessness; dullness.
fozy Spongy; soft; fat and puffy.
fritinancy A chirping or creaking, as of a cricket.
frizzler One who frizzles.
fubs A plump young person or child.
fustilugs A gross, fat, unwieldy person.


galericulate Covered as with a hat or cap.
gapingstock One who is an object of open-mouthed wonder.
gastromancy A kind of divination, by means of words seemingly uttered from the stomach. A species of divination, by means of glasses or other round, transparent vessels, in the center of which figures are supposed to appear by magic art.
ghostology Ghost lore.
gildale A drinking bout in which every one pays an equal share.
ginglymoid Pertaining to, or resembling, a ginglymus, or hinge joint; ginglyform.
girdlestead That part of the body where the girdle is worn. The lap.
gloppen To surprise or astonish; to be startled or astonished.
gnomology A collection of, or a treatise on, maxims, grave sentences, or reflections.
gnomonics The art or science of dialling, or of constructing dials to show the hour of the day by the shadow of a gnomon.
gobbetly In pieces.
goglet A gurglet. A porous earthen jar for cooling water by evaporation.
goosery A place for keeping geese. The characteristics or actions of a goose; silliness.
gorcock The moor cock, or red grouse.
grabble To grope; to feel with the hands. To lie prostrate on the belly; to sprawl on the ground; to grovel.
gralloch Offal of a deer. To remove the offal from (a deer).
grassation A wandering about with evil intentions; a rioting.
graveolence A strong and offensive smell; rancidity.
gruf Forwards; with one's face to the ground.
gulist A glutton.


hagdog A base, degraded person; a sneak; a gallows bird.
harangueful Full of harangue.
hedgeborn Born under a hedge; of low birth.
herpetotomist One who dissects, or studies the anatomy of, reptiles.
hobit A small mortar on a gun carriage, in use before the howitzer.
Hockday A holiday commemorating the expulsion of the Danes, formerly observed on the second Tuesday after Easter; -- called also hocktide.
hogreeve A civil officer charged with the duty of impounding hogs running at large.
holethnos A parent stock or race of people, not yet divided into separate branches or tribes.
horse-leechery The business of a farrier; especially, the art of curing the diseases of horses.
hotcockles A childish play, in which one covers his eyes, and guesses who strikes him or his hand placed behind him.
hulchy Swollen; gibbous.
hydra-tainted Dipped in the gall of the fabulous hydra; poisonous; deadly.
hyperaspist One who holds a shield over another; hence, a defender.


icy-pearled Spangled with ice.
idiorepulsive Repulsive by itself; as, the idiorepulsive power of heat.
idioticon A dictionary of a peculiar dialect, or of the words and phrases peculiar to one part of a country; a glossary.
illacrymable Incapable of weeping.
illaqueable Capable of being insnared or entrapped.
imbellic Not warlike or martial.
impetration The act of impetrating, or obtaining by petition or entreaty. The obtaining of benefice from Rome by solicitation, which benefice belonged to the disposal of the king or other lay patron of the realm.
incensebreathing Breathing or exhaling incense.
inchpin The sweetbread of a deer.
incogitable Not cogitable; inconceivable.
indeprehensible Incapable of being found out.
indevirginate Not devirginate.
inkle A kind of tape or braid. To guess.
inviscate To daub or catch with glue or birdlime; to entangle with glutinous matter.


jadery The tricks of a jade.
jambee A fashionable cane.
Jane-of-apes A silly, pert girl; -- corresponding to jackanapes.
jangleress A female prater or babbler.
Jewbush A euphorbiaceous shrub of the genus Pedilanthus (P. tithymaloides), found in the West Indies, and possessing powerful emetic and drastic qualities.
jinglingly So as to jingle.
Johnadreams A dreamy, idle fellow.
jowter A mounted peddler of fish; -- called also jouster.


kenspeckle Having so marked an appearance as easily to be recognized.
killock A small anchor; also, a kind of anchor formed by a stone inclosed by pieces of wood fastened together.
kittlish Ticklish; kittle.
knickknackatory A collection of knickknacks.
korin The gazelle.
kranging-hook A hook for holding the blubber while cutting it away.
kyriolexy The use of literal or simple expressions, as distinguished from the use of figurative or obscure ones.


lactucarium The inspissated juice of the common lettuce, sometimes used as a substitute for opium.
lamb's-quarters A name given to several plants of the Goosefoot family, sometimes used as pot herbs, as Chenopodium album and Atriplex patulsa.
lascious Loose; lascivious.
Latinitaster One who has but a smattering of Latin.
laxativeness The quality of being laxative.
lichenography A description of lichens; the science which illustrates the natural history of lichens.
liefsome Pleasing; delightful.
lime-twigged Beset with snares; insnared, as with birdlime.
limsy Limp; flexible; flimsy.
livor Malignity.
lock hospital A hospital for the treatment of venereal diseases.
long-tongue The wryneck.
loom-gale A gentle gale of wind.
lopeman Leaper; ropedancer.
lorette In France, a name for a woman who is supported by her lovers, and devotes herself to idleness, show, and pleasure; -- so called from the church of Notre Dame de Lorette, in Paris, near which many of them resided.
loup-loup The Pomeranian or Spitz dog.
lumpfish A large, thick, clumsy, marine fish (Cyclopterus lumpus) of Europe and America. The colour is usually translucent sea green, sometimes purplish. It has a dorsal row of spiny tubercles, and three rows on each side, but has no scales. The ventral fins unite and form a ventral sucker for adhesion to stones and seaweeds. Called also lumpsucker, cock-paddle, sea owl.
lunicurrent Having relation to changes in currents that depend on the moon's phases.
lurcation Gluttony; gormandizing.
lurchline The line by which a fowling net was pulled over so as to inclose the birds.
lytta A fibrous and muscular band lying within the longitudinal axis of the tongue in many mammals, as the dog.


macrotous Large-eared.
madrague A large fish pound used for the capture of the tunny in the Mediterranean; also applied to the seines used for the same purpose.
mahoohoo The African white two-horned rhinoceros (Atelodus simus).
mahovo A device for saving power in stopping and starting a railroad car, by means of a heavy fly wheel.
mainpernor A surety, under the old writ of mainprise, for a prisoner's appearance in court at a day. Mainpernors differ from bail in that a man's bail may imprison or surrender him before the stipulated day of appearance; mainpernors can do neither; they are bound to produce him to answer all charges whatsoever.
malacissant Softening; relaxing.
mammothrept A child brought up by its grandmother; a spoiled child.
manlessly Inhumanly.
margaritiferous Producing pearls.
martyrly In the manner of a martyr.
maslach An excitant containing opium, much used by the Turks.
mawmish Nauseous.
meaking The process of picking out the oakum from the seams of a vessel which is to be recalked.
migniardise Delicate fondling.
moate To void the excrement, as a bird; to mute.
mole-eyed Having eyes like those of the mole; having imperfect sight.
molendinaceous Resembling the sails of a windmill.
moonling A simpleton; a lunatic.
mopsical Shortsighted; mope-eyed.
morigeration Obsequiousness; obedience.
mortling An animal, as a sheep, dead of disease or privation; a morling. Wool plucked from a dead sheep; morling.
muckerer A miser; a niggard.
muggard Sullen; displeased.
mugget The small entrails of a calf or a hog.
mulctuary Imposing a pecuniary penalty; consisting of, or paid as, a fine.
mumper A beggar; a begging impostor.
mundivagant Wandering over the world.
murenger One who had charge of the wall of a town, or its repairs.
murth Plenty; abundance.
mystacal Of or pertaining to the upper lip, or moustache.
mytacism Too frequent use of the letter m, or of the sound represented by it.


narine Of or belonging to the nostrils.
navel-string The umbilical cord.
neaped Left aground on the height of a spring tide, so that it will not float till the next spring tide; -- called also beneaped.
neb-neb Same as Bablah.
neif A woman born in the state of villeinage; a female serf. The fist.
nerfling The id.
nidgery A trifle; a piece of foolery.
niding A coward; a dastard; -- a term of utmost opprobrium.
niggish Niggardly.
niopo A kind of snuff prepared by the natives of Venezuela from the roasted seeds of a leguminous tree (Piptadenia peregrina), thence called niopo tree.
nomenclatress A female nomenclator.
nosesmart A kind of cress, a pungent cruciferous plant, including several species of the genus Nasturtium.
nosethril Nostril.
notelessness A state of being noteless.
nothingarian One of no certain belief; one belonging to no particular sect.


octogild A pecuniary compensation for an injury, of eight times the value of the thing.
ogganition Snarling; grumbling.
omphalotomy The operation of dividing the navel-string.
opiparous Sumptuous.
orfgild Restitution for cattle; a penalty for taking away cattle.
orsedew Leaf metal of bronze; Dutch metal.
oryctography Description of fossils.
outbabble To utter foolishly or excessively; to surpass in babbling.
outfawn To exceed in fawning.
outfool To exceed in folly.
outparamour To exceed in the number of mistresses.
overmalapert Excessively malapert or impudent.


paddlecock The lumpfish.
palliard A born beggar; a vagabond. A lecher; a lewd person.
parachrose Changing color by exposure.
parisology The use of equivocal or ambiguous words.
patibulary Of or pertaining to the gallows, or to execution.
perclitation Trial; experiment. The state of being in peril.
Perkinism A remedial treatment, by drawing the pointed extremities of two rods, each of a different metal, over the affected part; tractoration, -- first employed by Dr Elisha Perkins of Norwich, Conn. See Metallotherapy.
petalism A form of sentence among the ancient Syracusans by which they banished for five years a citizen suspected of having dangerous influence or ambition. It was similar to the ostracism in Athens; but olive leaves were used instead of shells for ballots.
petulcity Wantonness; friskiness.
Peziza A genus of fungi embracing a great number of species, some of which are remarkable for their regular cuplike form and deep colours.
piffara A fife; also, a rude kind of oboe or a bagpipe with an inflated skin for reservoir.
pill-willet The willet.
pinguidinous Containing fat; fatty.
pinnywinkles An instrument of torture, consisting of a board with holes into which the fingers were pressed, and fastened with pegs.
planet-stricken Affected by the influence of planets; blasted.
plenarty The state of a benefice when occupied.
plitt An instrument of punishment or torture resembling the knout, used in Russia.
ploughbote Wood or timber allowed to a tenant for the repair of instruments of husbandry.
plumassier One who prepares or deals in ornamental plumes or feathers.
polypharmacy The act or practice of prescribing too many medicines. A prescription made up of many medicines or ingredients.
polypragmatical Overbusy; officious.
portcrayon A metallic handle with a clasp for holding a crayon.
portpane A cloth for carrying bread, so as not to touch it with the hands.
prease To press; to crowd. A press; a crowd.
pretorture To torture beforehand.
prickmadam A name given to several species of stonecrop, used as ingredients of vermifuge medicines. See Stonecrop.
prillion Tin extracted from the slag.
prociduous Falling from its proper place.
Procrusteanize To stretch or contract according to some rule or standard.
protervity Peevishness; petulance.
puckfist A puffball.
puddening A quantity of rope-yarn, or the like, placed, as a fender, on the bow of a boat. A bunch of soft material to prevent chafing between spars, or the like.
puer The dung of dogs, used as an alkaline steep in tanning.
pung A kind of plain sleigh drawn by one horse; originally, a rude oblong box on runners.
putage Prostitution or fornication on the part of a woman.


qua-bird The American night heron.
queller A killer; as, Jack the Giant Queller. One who quells; one who overpowers or subdues.
quemeful Kindly; merciful.
questman One legally empowered to make quest of certain matters, esp. of abuses of weights and measures. Specifically: (a) A churchwarden's assistant; a sidesman. (b) A collector of parish rents.
quob To throb; to quiver.


ratihabition Confirmation or approbation, as of an act or contract.
rattle-brained Giddy; rattle-headed.
rearmouse The leather-winged bat (Vespertilio murinus).
reboation Repetition of a bellow.
reed-mace The cat-tail.
reezed Grown rank; rancid; rusty.
requin The man-eater, or white shark (Carcharodon carcharias); -- so called on account of its causing requiems to be sung.
retromingent Organized so as to discharge the urine backward. An animal that discharges its urine backward.
rewel bone An obsolete phrase of disputed meaning, -- perhaps, smooth or polished bone.
ribaudequin An engine of war used in the Middle Ages, consisting of a protected elevated staging on wheels, and armed in front with pikes. It was (after the 14th century) furnished with small cannon. A huge bow fixed on the wall of a fortified town for casting javelins.
rixatrix A scolding or quarrelsome woman; a scold.
rodomel Juice of roses mixed with honey.
roration A falling of dew.
rostellum A small beaklike process or extension of some part; a small rostrum; as, the rostellum of the stigma of violets, or of the operculum of many mosses; the rostellum on the head of a tapeworm.
roytelet A little king.
rudenture Cabling. The decoration of a fluted shaft of a column or of a pilaster with reeds, or rounded mouldings, which seem to be laid in the hollows of the fluting. These are limited in length to about one third of the height of the shaft.
ruderary Of or pertaining to rubbish.
ruttle A rattling sound in the throat arising from difficulty of breathing; a rattle.
rypophagous Eating, or subsisting on, filth.


sassanage Stones left after sifting.
scaphism An ancient mode of punishing criminals among the Persians, by confining the victim in a trough, with his head and limbs smeared with honey or the like, and exposed to the sun and to insects until he died.
scaturient Gushing forth; full to overflowing; effusive.
scleragogy Severe discipline.
scobs Raspings of ivory, hartshorn, metals, or other hard substance. The dross of metals.
scortatory Pertaining to lewdness or fornication; lewd.
scotch-hopper Hopscotch.
scottering The burning of a wad of pease straw at the end of harvest.
screable Capable of being spit out.
scringe To cringe.
sea girdles A kind of kelp (Laminaria digitata) with palmately cleft fronds; -- called also sea wand, seaware, and tangle.
searcer One who sifts or bolts. A searce, or sieve.
sectiuncle A little or petty sect.
seek-sorrow One who contrives to give himself vexation.
segnity Sluggishness; dullness; inactivity.
seldshewn Rarely shown or exhibited.
semibull A bull issued by a pope in the period between his election and coronation.
sheepbiter One who practises petty thefts.
shendship Harm; ruin; also, reproach; disgrace.
shinhopper The hobblebush.
shittlecock A shuttlecock.
shittleness Instability; inconstancy.
shopshift The trick of a shopkeeper; deception.
shoulder-shotten Sprained in the shoulder, as a horse.
shroffage The examination of coins, and the separation of the good from the debased.
sideration The state of being siderated, or planet-struck; esp., blast in plants; also, a sudden and apparently causeless stroke of disease, as in apoplexy or paralysis.
siserara A hard blow.
slang-whanger One who uses abusive slang; a ranting partisan.
slubberingly In a slovenly, or hurried and imperfect, manner.
slug-horn An erroneous form of the Scotch word slughorne, or sloggorne, meaning slogan.
smartle To waste away.
smell-feast One who is apt to find and frequent good tables; a parasite; a sponger. A feast at which the guests are supposed to feed upon the odours only of the viands.
smerky Smart; jaunty; spruce.
smittle To infect. Infection.
snattock A chip; a slice.
snet The fat of a deer.
snod A fillet; a headband; a snood. Trimmed; smooth; neat; trim; sly; cunning; demure.
sooterkin A kind of false birth, fabled to be produced by Dutch women from sitting over their stoves; also, an abortion, in a figurative sense; an abortive scheme.
spattling-poppy A kind of catchfly (Silene inflata) which is sometimes frothy from the action of captured insects.
spermophile Any ground squirrel of the genus Spermophilus; gopher.
spigurnel Formerly the title of the sealer of writs in chancery.
spitchcocked Broiled or fried after being split lengthwise; -- said of eels.
splendidious Splendid.
sponson One of the triangular platforms in front of, and abaft, the paddle boxes of a steamboat. One of the slanting supports under the guards of a steamboat. One of the armoured projections fitted with gun ports, used on modern war vessels.
spouse-breach Adultery.
spruntly In a sprunt manner; smartly; vigorously; youthfully.
sput An annular reenforce, to strengthen a place where a hole is made.
square-toes A precise person; -- used contemptuously or jocularly.
stag-evil A kind of palsy affecting the jaw of a horse.
statarithmetry The art of drawing up an army, or any given number of men, in any geometrical figure, or of estimating or expressing the number of men in such a figure.
stowce A windlass. A wooden landmark, to indicate possession of mining land.
stroam To wander about idly and vacantly. To take long strides in walking.
strumstrum A rude musical instrument somewhat like a cittern.
strunt Spirituous liquor.
stuprate To ravish; to debauch.
stylagalmaic Performing the office of columns; as, Atlantes and Caryatides are stylagalmaic figures or images.
subderisorious Ridiculing with moderation.
subhornblendic Containing hornblende in a scattered state; of or relating to rocks containing disseminated hornblende.
subquinquefid Almost quinquefid; nearly quinquefid.
suffumige A medical fume.
supersaliency The act of leaping on anything.
supple-chapped Having a limber tongue.
sweeny An atrophy of the muscles of the shoulder in horses; also, atrophy of any muscle in horses.
sweet-breasted Having a sweet, musical voice, as the nightingale.
swimbel A moaning or sighing sound or noise; a sough.


tallowish Having the qualities of tallow.
tappen An obstruction, or indigestible mass, found in the intestine of bears and other animals during hibernation.
temulentive Somewhat temulent; addicted to drink.
tentaculiferous Producing or bearing tentacles.
testicond Having the testicles naturally concealed, as in the case of the cetaceans.
tetricity Crabbedness; perverseness.
tharms Twisted guts.
theftbote The receiving of a man's goods again from a thief, or a compensation for them, by way of composition, with the intent that the thief shall escape punishment.
thirlage The right which the owner of a mill possesses, by contract or law, to compel the tenants of a certain district, or of his sucken, to bring all their grain to his mill for grinding.
threap To call; to name. To maintain obstinately against denial or contradiction; also, to contend or argue against (another) with obstinacy; to chide; as, he threaped me down that it was so. To beat, or thrash. To cozen, or cheat. To contend obstinately; to be pertinacious. An obstinate decision or determination; a pertinacious affirmation.
throdden To grow; to thrive.
throw-crook An instrument used for twisting ropes out of straw.
thummie The chiff-chaff.
timoneer A helmsman.
tinchel A circle of sportsmen, who, by surrounding an extensive space and gradually closing in, bring a number of deer and game within a narrow compass.
toadlet A small toad.
tolsester A toll or tribute of a sextary of ale, paid to the lords of some manors by their tenants, for liberty to brew and sell ale.
tonguester One who uses his tongue; a talker; a story-teller; a gossip.
tonnihood The female of the bullfinch; -- called also tonyhoop.
torril A worthless woman; also, a worthless horse.
torved Stern; grim.
tossy Tossing the head, as in scorn or pride; hence, proud; contemptuous; scornful; affectedly indifferent; as, a tossy commonplace.
toswink To labour excessively.
tregetour A juggler who produces illusions by the use of elaborate machinery.
trochilidist One who studies, or is versed in, the nature and habits of humming birds, or the Trochilidae.
trollmydames The game of nineholes.
trugging-house A brothel.
trunkwork Work or devices suitable to be concealed; a secret stratagem.
tue The parson bird.
tufthunting The practice of seeking after, and hanging on, noblemen, or persons of quality, especially in English universities.
twaddy Idle trifling; twaddle.
twagger A lamb.
tweague A pinching condition; perplexity; trouble; distress.
twitlark The meadow pipit.
twittle-twattle Tattle; gabble.
typocosmy A representation of the world.


uliginose Muddy; oozy; slimy; also, growing in muddy places.
unbe To cause not to be; to cause to be another.
unbegilt Not gilded; hence, not rewarded with gold.
unbosomer One who unbosoms, or discloses.
uncentury To remove from its actual century.
uncoffle To release from a coffle.
underpeer To peer under.
undumpish To relieve from the dumps.
ungenitured Destitute of genitals; impotent.
unked Odd; strange; ugly; old; uncouth. Lonely; dreary; unkard.
unoften Not often.
unphilosophize To degrade from the character of a philosopher.
unplained Not deplored or bewailed; unlamented.
unriddler One who unriddles.
unsad Unsteady; fickle.
unspleened Deprived of a spleen.
unwemmed Not blemished; undefiled; pure.
urinarium A reservoir for urine, etc., for manure.


vafrous Crafty; cunning; sly; as, vafrous tricks.
vagissate To caper or frolic.
vapulation The act of beating or whipping.
velivolant Flying with sails; passing under full sail.
vell The salted stomach of a calf, used in making cheese; a rennet bag. To cut the turf from, as for burning.
veneficious Acting by poison; used in poisoning or in sorcery.
vermination The generation or breeding of vermin. A griping of the bowels.
vernility Fawning or obsequious behaviour; servility.
versute Crafty; wily; cunning; artful.
vesbium A rare metallic element of which little is known. It is said by Scacchi to have been extracted from a yellowish incrustation from the cracks of a Vesuvian lava erupted in 1631.
viraginian Of or pertaining to a virago; having the qualities of a virago.
vitiligation Cavilous litigation; cavillation.
voraginous Pertaining to a gulf; full of gulfs; hence, devouring.
vulviform Like a cleft with projecting edges.


waahoo The burning bush; -- said to be called after a quack remedy made from it.
wair A piece of plank two yard long and a foot broad.
wankle Not to be depended on; weak; unstable.
waped Cast down; crushed by misery; dejected.
weeping-ripe Ripe for weeping; ready to weep.
whettlebones The vertebrae of the back.
whinner To whinny.
whippletree The pivoted or swinging bar to which the traces, or tugs, of a harness are fastened, and by which a carriage, a plough, or other implement or vehicle, is drawn; a whiffletree; a swingletree; a singletree. The cornel tree.
whizzingly With a whizzing sound.
whoremasterly Having the character of a whoremaster; lecherous; libidinous.
wigg A kind of raised seedcake.
wind-sucking A vicious habit of a horse, consisting in the swallowing of air; -- usually associated with crib-biting, or cribbing.
witcraft Art or skill of the mind; contrivance; invention; wit. The art of reasoning; logic.
witfish The ladyfish.
withernam A second or reciprocal distress of other goods in lieu of goods which were taken by a first distress and have been eloigned; a taking by way of reprisal; -- chiefly used in the expression capias in withernam, which is the name of a writ used in connection with the action of replevin (sometimes called a writ of reprisal), which issues to a defendant in replevin when he has obtained judgement for a return of the chattels replevied, and fails to obtain them on the writ of return.
witworm One who, or that which, feeds on or destroys wit.
wood-sare A kind of froth seen on herbs.
wranny The common wren.


xenodochy Reception of strangers; hospitality.
xeraphim An old money of account in Bombay, equal to three fifths of a rupee.


yarr To growl or snarl as a dog.
yedding The song of a minstrel; hence, any song.


zain A horse of a dark colour, neither grey nor white, and having no spots.
zoutch To stew, as flounders, eels, etc., with just enough or liquid to cover them.