Arsim (plural) are an Israeli sub-culture, which would be parallel to ‘rednecks’ ‘ginos or ‘greasers’

They are usually Sephardic Jews of Moroccan, Persian or Yemenite descent, though can in theory be of any origin, even Ashkenazi Arsim exist but are the exception not the rule.

The Classic Ars will have a wifebeater on and will sport a 'gormet' (gold chain). Variations including tight t-shirts and buttoned shirts with loud designs are not rare. Arsim always wear their pants tight, not leather tight but snug. Many Arism will have their hair styled, gelled, slicked, partially dyed platinum or otherwise manipulated into some form and will rarely if ever wear it long.

Arsim will typically listen to ‘Mizrachit’ (“Eastern Music” which is similar if not identical to Arabic Pop or the lighter version called ‘Mediterranean Music’) Arsim will also listen to Trance music and various subtypes including Club Trance and Goapsy and appear at outdoor nature parties (Usually unwanted)

When an Ars is solo and not in a pack, he will take company with a 'Frecha'. Female Arsim do exist but are rare and not very appealing even to most Arsim.

Arsim when friendly seem to be extremely nice using terms like 'Eynaim', 'Kapara' and 'Motek'. They will stand up for and protect their friends physically and will fight perceived injustice violently. Arsim when unfriendly will just fight violently and ask their friends to “hold them back” before they “make prison mistakes

Arsim will often carry a switchblade or butterfly knife, when a multi-participant fight is in progress they will find crowbar substitutes usually consisting of pipes, broom sticks or steering wheel locks. Arsim will rarely if ever have a firearm unless they are actual criminals, even during mandatory IDF service they will usually be cooks, quartermasters and drivers and not carry weapons. (With the exception of the Golani Infantry Brigade, which is known for its high percentage of Arsim)


Geographical Location
Arsim can be found in almost any city in Israel. They are scarce on Moshavim and virtually nonexistent in Kibbutzim. Cities especially known for Arsim include Bat-Yam / Holon, Netanya, Petach Tikva, Ashdod, Beer Sheva and various nieghboorhoods in South Tel Aviv, Lower Haifa and parts of Jerusalem.

Arsim are known soccer enthusiasts and the most popular team among them is Beitar Jerusalem. Regardless of their location many Arsim will drive to Jerusalem every Saturday to catch the Beitar game. Younger Arsim also play soccer and sometimes the odd game of Kadawa.

Most Arsim consider themselves to be “Traditional” and will believe in God. Fast and go to synagogue on Yom Kippur and some kiss the Mezuzah when entering a home. Many Arsim go through a “religious phase” often after a grandparent dies, during this phase they will wear a cheap Kippah, stop smoking on Saturdays and talk about Rabbi Ovadia Yosef or Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak (This of course does not stop them from going out to parties on the Sabbath, getting into fights and doing drugs)

Political Stance
Arsim are typically right wing, voting for either the Likud party or the Shas Religious Party.

Yes, this is all one big prejudice generalization based on a social stereotype, get over it.

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