Though vending machines that dispense sushi haven't quite caught on Japan, vending machines for this stuff are everywhere. It's a non-carbonated soft drink with an odd fruity flavor.

Except they call it "Refreshment Water". It also comes in a dry mix sort of similar to Gatorade. I should mention that the vending machines also feature beer, wine, hamburgers, cigarettes, and ice cream.
I hear they have Hotel Room Vending Machines of a sort in Tokyo. Stick with Squirt or Citra -- the brominated vegetable oil won't kill you too soon.

I have come into the posession of an empty can of Pocari Sweat through the grace of Stephanie, who accidentally left it in wuukiee's car after drinking it. It is simply wonderful to have around. In my opinion, everybody should have some empty japanese soft drink cans.

(all typos are (sic))



POCARI SWEAT             With appropriate          body immediately.
is a healthy beverage    density and electro-      At work, when
that smoothly supply     lyte fluid that is        playing sports,
the lost water and       close to that of human    after bath and
electrolytes from        body fluid, it can be     when waking up,
perspiration.            absorbed into the         POCARI SWEAT is

the most appropri-           Manufacturer
ate beverage to ease         Otsuka
one's thirst that the        Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
body needs in the            2-9 Kanda Tsukasa-cho
varying scenes and           Chiyoda-ku
situations in one's life.    Tokyo Japan

(lots of japanese text i don't know how to read)

(mEq/l)  (mEq/l)
Na+   21  Cl-         16.5
K+     5  citrate3-   10
Ca2+   1  lactate-     1
Mg2+   0.5
And a sticker in english added by the exporters of the can:
N u t r i t i o n            Amount/Serving  %DV Amount/Serving  %DV
F a c t s                    ---------------------------------------
                             Total Fat   0g  0%  Total Carb. 0g  0%
Serv. Size  11.4FLOZ(340ml)    Sat. Fat  0g  0%    Fiber     0g  0%
Servings    Per Container 1  Cholest.   0mg  0%    Sugars   20g
Calories    90               Sodium   160mg  7%  Protein     0g
  Fat cal.  0                ---------------------------------------
                Vitamin A 0% • Vitamin C 270% • Calcium 0% • Iron 0%
Now what on earth could Body Request possibly mean?

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