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Cream of the Cool

A few weeks ago, I noticed a story somewhere saying that Lancaster, New Hampshire would be within the zone of totality of the upcoming solar eclipse.

I was not up on my astronomical calendar and didn't know there was an upcoming eclipse. But Lancaster being a 2-3 hour drive from my house, I figured I shouldn't pass up the opportunity to see it.

Over the years, I've heard people exclaim about the amazing effect on their lives they felt when they saw a total eclipse. I've



What in the Friskies™ Fish Flavored Fucksticks™ does that mean? I had about a thousand hours on this piece of equipment and had never, ever seen that error message or even anything formatted that way. In fact, the popup had a button marked "PROCEED" instead of the usual "OK".

I punched backwards and got nothing. I dumped and reloaded the

"The long and short of it", also phrased as "The long and the short of it", is an expression commonly attributed to English playwright William Shakespeare. However, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), widely regarded as the definitive authority on the origin of words in the English language, provides a citation of this phrase from an unidentified source that predates Shakespeare by a century: "Thys ys the schorte and longe."

The Bard of Avon used this phrase at

Puntarenas is a city and area in Costa Rica, located on the Pacific Coast, or more precisely, on the Gulf of Nicoya.

But first, a jurisdictional matter to clear up. In Costa Rica, "Puntarenas" refers to a province, the head canton of that province, and a district within that canton. And a physical feature, as well! It perhaps would be more correct to title this "Puntarenas, Puntarenas, Puntarenas, Costa Rica", but that would be quite a mouthful!

Puntarenas, which translates to