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Cream of the Cool

Spacecraft on longer-duration missions, in order to conserve fuel, are designed to use reaction control systems to control their attitude as little as possible, in order to avoid burning irreplaceable (or difficult to replace) fuel. Control moment gyroscopes and reaction control wheels are the most common systems in use for spacecraft that have arbitrary pointing requirements. Satellites in orbit, designed to maintain a constant attitude with respect to the body they are orbiting, will…

In historical cooking, to redact a recipe is to rework a recipe from an historical text so that it's usable by modern cooks. In European texts, the further back you go, the vaguer the recipes are (Arabic - in the loosest sense, including not only what is now called the Middle East, but also all of the Maghreb and al-Andalus - cookbooks are a rather different matter). These were written as working notes by professional cooks, so…

The Power of Now

Surfacing from stasis, entropy resumes in my core.

As designed, no time has passed for me, locked in the safety of my final redoubt. Quickly, staying within the capacity of my entropic cooling, I risk looking. The mirrored sphere that is me is surrounded by a chaotic shell of broken matter. The last clock before the now shows me a static picture of them fluorescing, burning and shattering under the impact of channeled energy from astern. More than I…



  ... then all my reservations fell gently at my feet

My heart is free                         Tift Merritt 




This is a story about how I was

not how I ended up or where I might go 


Because I was carefree

and by free- I mean unfettered,  lacking limits

which meant of course-  also,  careless  


There was a time that I would say…