A game played to pass the time while riding on the highway. The purpose of the game is to find all the letters of the alphabet, in order, on road signs and things you see outside the car. Typically, J, Z, and Q are the most difficult to locate.

There are many variations on the rules to this game. Some rules say that everything outside the car is fair game. Other rules state that license plates, and the tiny lettering on the side of the cabs of trailer trucks are illegal. The strictest variations only allow letters on road signs to be used.

Good ways to get hard letters:

NOTE: Do not play this game while driving in heavy traffic. It will be the death of you.

stupot says re:The Alphabet Game : We play where you have to find a word which starts with the letter. It can last the whole journey. Citroën Xsaras and Xantias are our favourite cars, otherwise we have to drive round the chinese quarter for our X and Q :o)

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