OpenCola is an experiment in open source non-computer related products. It is a recipe for cola that has been released under the "Design Science License" published by Michael Stutz at which is one of many different open source licences.

This version was taken from the New Scientist article on the subject. The entire article is also covered by the above licence but I wasn't about to node that because its freely available at and its long and mostly dull to anyone who knows about the open source movement.

The recipe is as follows

Unfortunately for the integrity of this experiment the entire OpenCola, open source idea was just a marketing idea for the OpenCola search engine which is of course not open source. However, the recipe remains open. I haven't tried it but if you do I encourage you to share your experience.

Thanks to alfimp for pointing me towards the following page which seems to be the page for the current maintainers of the project which is currently at version 1.1.3. There's a lot more to it than just mixing up the ingredients so read:

Also it seems to be under the GPL now which is nice.