This guy made me afraid of crappy cover versions of songs... but also amazed me a great deal with great cover versions. Most of all, he's responsible for my interest to the electronic music - the moment I heard his adaptation of Jeff Wayne's "Forever Autumn", I was totally hooked. And yet, he's not a widely known artist, and prefers to stay behind the scenes relatively unharmed.

Ed Starink (1952-) is a Dutch musician (he's known mostly as Ed, but the real first name is Eduward). He is mostly known for the work on synthesizers.

He has composed a lot of music of his own (such as Cristallin).

But personally, I know him as maker of both great and bad covers of music. Fortunately, it's easy to spot which ones of his covers are good and which ones are not worth putting money to: The greatest albums (such as the Synthesizer Greatest series) have his name, and the crap collections have various pseudonyms (such as "London Starlight Orchestra", "Hollywood Studio Orchestra" etc...) It's not that these versions would be particularly bad, it's just that they were sold under zillion different titles and I was expecting to get something else than the versions I had heard several times, so that's probably one source of disappointment. But as said, many of the collections he appears as with his real name are definitely pretty good, and sometimes even better than the originals.

He runs his own studio and record label Star Inc., and during the time of the best covers (1989-1996) he collaborated with ARCADE Group Inc.

Starink says he is now done with the covers for good (which is understandable), and is now concentrating entirely on his own music.

A gigantic fan page:

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