Two drug dealers/Mischief makers in every Kevin Smith movie (The New Jersey trilogy) and had a cameo in Scream 3.

One is Jay, played by Jason Mewes, the tall guy with long blond hair. He talks and talks, and has a really big potty mouth. Usually seen with a black hat, long hair, yellow shirt, and pants rolled up. He's often seen smoking, mostly marijuana.

The other dude is Silent Bob, his "hetero lifemate". He's played by Kevin Smith, who wrote the characters and directs all the movies. He's shorter, and well, more corpulent. He stays completely silent, only gesturing, except somewhere in the movie he always gives a line, which is usually the best in the movie. He wears a black trenchcoat, and a hat backwards. He's caring as opposed to Jay, and has a batman suit under his coat.

Their first appearance was in the indie film Clerks, as drug dealers in Leonardo, New Jersey. They hang out in front of the Quick stop convenience store. Pretty funny guys, they deal, dance, and listen to Silent Bob's cousin Olaf sing Berserker.

A few years later, they re-emerged as "mischief makers" in Mallrats. Here they are moved into a color movie. Pretty cool, they are bent on causing trouble, like destroying the mall's game show stage and beating up the Easter Bunny. Fact: Originally Miramax wanted to cast Seth Green as Jay, but Smith persuaded them to give Jay a shot. Their catch phrase was "Snootchie Bootchies!" or Snoogans. Silent Bob wears a batman outfit under his black trenchcoat, but has Jedi mind powers.

You don't see much of them in Chasing Amy, but they are still important this time. The main characters, Houlden Macneil and Banky Edwards, take them and draw comic superheroes in their likeness, called Bluntman and Chronic. Drug superheroes. Here you find Silent Bob has a long past, he dated this girl called Amy.

Later, in Dogma, they show up in Illinois to sell drugs. They saw pretty much every John Hughes movie out there, and decided to peddle pot in Shermer, Illinois. There was no real town, so they get lost. You meet them in front of an abortion clinic to pick up "loose women." You also find out really early that they're prophets. Together, they go with the last Scion and the 13th Apostle to save all existance.

A couple of things in this one, since they get the biggest roles in all their movies so far. You find out that Jay might have some latent homosexuality, as the Apostle says Jay thinks about guys when he masturbates. In the end, he gets to mouth off to God.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is their culminating movie. It is only about them, but tells their entire story from the beginning of childhood. You meet most of the characters, and some of the scenes between the movies. A good deal of the plot stems from a comic that Kevin Smith wrote, cleverly named Chasing Dogma.

You can also watch them animated, but with the same voices, in Clerks: the Animated Series. get the DVD, there's stuff with them talking about the characters. (Careful, it's still under Bad DVD commentaries) ABC TV toned down their image from drug dealers to mischief makers who loiter, but they're still funny. Gags include playing baseball with lit firecrackers, popping a virus quarantine bubble, getting a monkey to smoke, and dancing in insane anime.

I never saw Scream 3, but I hear their appearance was a cameo at most. They mistake Gale Weathers for Connie Chung.

If you go to, you can see more pictures of them, as well as some Commercials they did for MTV and some of their appearances.

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