Atychiphobia- Fear of failure.

Also: Kakorrhaphiophobia - Fear of failure particularly the failure of defeat.

When part of a clinical case or part of a problem requiring therapy - atychiphobia is often a manifestation of a deeper problem and can go unnoticed.  It is of course possible that atychiphobia or kakorrhaphiophobia may be the heart of an issue but it is by no means certain.

Often tied to a fear of failure is the fear of being a failure and this is often a mask for fear of rejection.

While these are usual Teen angst and therefore will fade with time, they can be a sign of some level of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER.  Then it is no longer just fear of the unknown but a very real condition that the sufferer will need help to overcome.

What can make it worse is when it is combined with Isolophobia (Fear of solitude, being alone. fear of rejection), for what we have then is not "just" the pain of growing up but a deep seated level of emotional and psychological damage.  Left unchecked this may lead to Sociophobia Fear of society or people in general.

This grouping of problems is dealt with under the title of Social Phobia which is an anxiety disorder.

Your first point of contact in dealing with these issues should ideally be close friends and family but this is often just not possible in which case you should make an appointment with your GP who will be able to arrange further help, (in less mild cases you should do this anyway).   

Admitting you have such a problem is not a failure but a success.  It is the first of many little victories over the condition and the first step on the path to recovery.