1998 english-spoken ethnographical documentary created and directed by Sweden's Erik Pauser & Johan Söderberg. In about 80 minutes it travels the viewer around the globe with strong visual and musical backgrounds.

LPCI contains multi-cultural and religional quotes and approaches to life by a variety of people, cleverly connected with beautiful imagery and superb montage. As one of the directors of the film is a dj, it's visual style resembles a music video: fast-paced and colourful, still with much more essence and depth.

The diverse personalities that take part in this voyage have one sole thing in common: they are all simple people offering their own viable alternatives to the frenzy of contemporary life. Whether this is music, spiritualism, sex or anything else at all, you shall discover. Certain approaches are simple, others funny, others clever and functional. Also noted should be the exceptional soundtrack by the film's creators, mainly electronic music that embeds the rhythmic patterns of native beats & religious prayers, and demonstrates the global nature of dancing as humanity's need to synchronize with nature.

The spotlight inludes (but is not limited to) a workaholic Tokyo bank manager who steams off by performing the type of noise music known as power electronics, an aged porn queen who suggests raising monuments for the people who have felt and offered incredible orgasms, a scientist who studies monkeys and learns shamanic ways to get closer to nature and the Maori tribe descendants working out while singing against the global economic system.

It's one of those films that can change the viewer's approach to life, and is strongly recommended to anyone who can find it. The general atmosphere is positive, peaceful and aesthetically pleasing.

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