Crempog, also known as "ffroes" are Welsh pancakes traditionally made from a batter consisting made up of, half a pint of buttermilk, 8oz plain flour, a pinch of salt and one large egg. (Some people swear by the addition of bicarbonate of soda.) Fry them in a heavy frying pan as for normal pancakes with the fat of your choice.

They should really be made with buttermilk; you could just make them with milk but then they'd just be plain ordinary pancakes.

Some say that you need to spread each freshly cooked pancake with butter, pile them on one top of each other, and then cut the resulting 'cake' into wedges; others insist that they should be spread with whatever leftover meat or fish is available and rolled up; whilst others swear by the addition of raspberries and all manner of things.

There is also Crempog Geirch which is a version made with oatmeal. (You subsite oatmeal for a third of the plain flour.)

Not to be confused with Crempog Las, which is not a pancake but an omelette.

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