Original dictionary compiled by Ira Bernstein, CU Class of '75

Since 1960, Johnny's Pizza Truck, operated by Bob Petrillose, has been serving delicious hot and cold subs and fresh hot pizza. In preparation of his subs, Bob uses homemade meatballs and homemade sausage made from original Petrillose family recipes. What has come to be known as "The Hot Truck" began as Johnny's Pizza Truck. Bob's father Johnny Petrillose, Sr., founder of Johnny's Big Red Grill, allowed Bob to begin operating the pizza truck in March of 1960 in order to expand the restaurant's services.

Originally, Bob's menu had hamburgers, hot dogs, soda pop and pizza by the slice. He soon realized that selling pizza by the slice often meant serving an inferior product, so he decided to put the pizza topping on butterflied lengths or French bread. It became a a great success. So successful, in fact that the idea was copied by Stouffer's kitchen. Bob named this first hot sub a "Poor Man's Pizza", subsequently dubbed the PMP and later trademarked. Then he added meatballs to the PMP's and the meatball, cheese and tomato sauce sub was dubbed "MBC" (Meatball and Cheese).

This peculiar terminology was to become a unique menu. The most famous sub on the menu today is the "Suicide" or "Sui" for short. This sub is comparable to a pizza with everything on it - tomato sauce, cheese, sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni and spices. It is a palate's delight. Since these subs are found only at the "Hot Truck" this little dictionary of truck terminology is offered to help alleviate some of the confusion.

The "Hot Truck" is located every night on the 600 block of Stewart Avenue behind Cornell's West Campus dorms. Come on down for a snack to relieve those munchies, or to just say hi to Bob. If you're not hungry, you can always get a friendly word. No charge. It's all part of the great service. One thing is for sure, you won't be alone!

The Hot Truck Menu

  • The Suicide ("Sui"): Feeling depressed? We've got the sub for you- a "Full Sui" made on a half loaf of garlic bread. First, some tomato sauce; then we add homemade sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni and bake to perfection. What a sandwich! Eat it in good health.

    Not that hungry? Ask for a "Half-Sui". Despite what The name implies, it is not half of a Full sui. The Half-Sui is made on one-third of a loaf of French bread.

    So you think a Full-Sui is just a snack? Take a Full-Sui and add three homemade meatballs and you have a "Triple Sui."

  • MBC: one of Bob's own creations. Two homemade meatballs with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese on one-third loaf of French bread. Tomato sauce, of course! Baked in magic ovens until golden brown. Well maybe the edges get burnt n little. No charge for the extra heat. The "Triple MBC" or "TMBC" is on a half-loaf and has three meatballs.

  • Poor Man's Pizza: The PMP, created to replace slices of pizza. When asked what a PMP is, we might say "bread, sauce and cheese."That's what it is. One-third loaf - a nice light snack when the books get to be too much. A little heavier snack is the "Double PMP" No,it's not twice the size. It's made on one-half loaf. The PMP is also not twice the price.

  • and there's more ...
    • Check out these other great Hot Truck subs!
      • RaRa: The RaRa is a delicious combination of a roast beef sub with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese added and cooked to perfection in our ovens.

      • ReRe: The ReRe is again a roast beef sub with sausage and mozzarella cheese added.

      • RoRo: The RoRo is a roast beef sub once again with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese added.

      • HaHa: The HaHa is a delicious combination of hot ham and swiss cheese sub with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese added.

      • HeHe: The HeHe is again a hot ham and swiss cheese sub with sausage and mozzarella cheese added.

      • HoHo: The HoHo is a hot ham and swiss cheese sub with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.

      • Indy: The Indy is a delicious Hot sub! This sub consists of homemade hot sausage, pepperoni, onion and cheese on garlic bread.

      • WGC: Wet garlic bread and tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese. The WGC has less cheese than a double PMP.

      • Mobey: the Mobey is a wonderful sandwich for those of you with real hunger pains! The Mobey is a sandwich consisting of ham, swiss cheese, two meatballs, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese.

      • Mobey Delight: Then again, if the above does not fulfill your needs, try the Mobey Delight. This sandwich is a blend of roast beef, ham, swiss cheese, pepperoni, three meatballs on a half-loaf of garlic with mozzarella cheese.

      • Krazy Korean: For those of you with a thirst fora HOT sandwich, this one's for you! The Krazy Korean consists of Bob's homemade hot sausage, mushrooms, hot peppers, and onion all on garlic bread! (After eating, consult your physician!)

      • Sep Pep: The Sep Pep is a sub consisting of a Double PMP on garlic with mushrooms and pepperoni.

      • Tuna Surprise: Tuna sub with sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, cheese and a meatball as a surprise.

      • Shaggy - Hot and Heavy: This delight is a quarter loaf of french bread with meatball, sausage, cheese, onion, garlic, red hot pepper and grease and garden.

      • Scooby: A shaggy with pepperoni instead of sausage.

      • Ken: What's a Ken you say? Why of course it is a sub on a third loaf of garlic bread with sausage, pepperoni, cheese, onion, lettuce, red hot pepper. Designed and eaten by Ken Mizoi.

      • W.T.F.: Whatever Bob feels like making for those of you who can't decide which sandwich to eat - and by the way, it is always the same price!

      • Guinea Pig: Try this delight! One half loaf of garlic bread with provolone cheese, salami, ham, two meatballs, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and link sausage - OH WHAT A FEELING.

      • Little Sicilian: Oh yes, we can do anything: one third loaf of garlic bread with meatballs, cheese, sausage and bar-b-que potato chips. Yes, that's right barbeque potato chips!

      • Mini-C: A quarter loaf of french bread, one meatball, sauce and cheese.

      • Chris: Quarter loaf with sauce, pepperoni, chopped sausage, cheese, onion, h&h, and g&g.

      • HSC: Link ltalian sausage and cheese on one third loaf of french bread.

      • RBC: Roast beef with sauce and cheese on a third loaf of french bread.

      • RB Surprise: One half triple Sui With roast beef on a third loaf of french bread.

      • "North Baker": Garlic bread with Bob's famous tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, mustard, sour cream & onion potato chips, lettuce. Cut in half.

      • "The Firm": 1/2 loaf garlic bread, link sausage, three meat balls, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, hot & liquid. Ingredients suggested by: Mr. Scott Hatherley, Mr. Daniel Wallitt, Mr.Daniel Freyman, Mr. Bradley Hopper.

A few more terms!!!

Once you have decided upon one of Bob's delicious concoctions,there are a few extra things you might need to know such as:

These aren't the only subs we have! These are the basics. New ones are always being created. You can have mushrooms on an MBC or pepperoni on PMP. Tell Bob your creation. He'll be glad to make it.


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