gangoro, kogyaru, Shibuya girl.

a sub-culture in japan for young girls (ko=young; gyaru=girl(kind of anyway)) who wear overly bright citrus or fluorescent clothing, 10 inch platform shoes/sandles (issues with height?), bleach their hair to gray/white/yellow/or somewhere between, have an extraordinary tan, wear inverted panda style make-up ie white lip-stick and eye make-up, and spend their days talking loudly on their overly accessorized mobile phones.

"kogyaru" refers to "young girl" as i have stated previously
"Shibuya girl" refers to a district in tokyo where the subculture appears most prominantly.
"yamamba" may have something to do with the previous post - many consider them ogre-like.
"gangoro" i am still investigating this term.

the style is said to have originated in the Okinawa area (hence dark tan/bright clothing) and come to represent a casual lifestyle (read as "unemployed") of relaxing all day on the beach with friends. upon its inclusion in the tokyo area, things had to be adjusted slightly.
tanning in a solarium - whats a beach?
Shibuya - the place to be seen when a beach is not handy.
Mobile phone - how you talk to your friend on the other side of shibuya crossing.
10 inch platform shoes/sandles - how you see your friend on the other side of shibuya crossing.

research is ongoing.......