Fuck Me Boots is the term my male friends call boots females sometimes wear that extend above the knee to thigh-high, with 3 to 6 inch heels. Boots like these showcase the legs when the wearer has leggings, a mini- or microskirt on and sometimes has the effect of males glancing from the ground....up....up.

One uber-example of such footwear is the coterie of such boots worn by Mrs. Emma Peel, of The Avengers. Diana Rigg, in this role, shaped the fantasies of many young men of her day. Uma Thurman managed to pull off a bit of the boots attraction despite being mired in one of the absolutely worst films of modern times in the 1998 adaptation of the original TV series.

And her legs went on forever
like staring up at infinity...

Budapest, by Jethro Tull off the Crest of a Knave album.

Contrary to what shmOOnkie pOOnks' male friends think that Fuck Me Boots are (no offence to shmOOnkie pOOnks), Fuck Me Boots are available for both male and female wearers, and are not just for S&M fans either.

On males these can be worn with Shortie shorts, Punk/Skatie shorts (like Green Day) or Highland Kilts (the ones worn into battle, not so appropriate for the formal dress kilts (Oh and if you haven't tried wearing Fuck Me Boots with a Kilt, do so!!)).

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