Have you ever looked at the alphabet soup on someone's business card and wondered what it all meant? Here are some answers. Below I've listed all the degree acronyms and abbreviations of which I'm aware. I've organized them alphabetically; an asterisk marks degrees that are usually honorary (such degrees are often followed by the words honoris causa). Links from the abbreviations generally lead to information about that degree. For simplicity, I exclude abbreviations that contain parentheticals (so MS(Audiol), the Master of Science in Audiology degree, is just MS). Also, this list does not contain professional abbreviations (such as RD for registered dietician) mainly because I couldn't possibly list them all. Feel free to /msg me with additions or corrections.

- A -

AA - Associate in Arts
AM - Master of Arts
AS - Associate in Science
AB - Bachelor of Arts

- B -

BA - Bachelor of Arts
BABA - Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
BD - Bachelor of Divinity
BEng - Bachelor of Engineering
BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts
BM - Bachelor of Music
BMus - Bachelor of Music
BS - Bachelor of Science
BSc - Bachelor of Science
BSE - Bachelor of Science in Engineering
BSN - Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BSW - Bachelor of Social Work

- C -

ChB - Bachelor of Surgery (a British medical degree)

- D -

DD - Doctor of Divinity
DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery
DMD - Doctor of Medical Dentistry
DO - Doctor of Osteopathy
DPod - Doctor of Podiatry
DSc - Doctor of Science
DVM - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

- E -

EdD - Doctor of Education

- J -

JD - Juris Doctor

- L -

LHD - Doctor of Humane Letters*
LittB - Bachelor of Letters
LittM - Master of Letters
LittD - Doctor of Letters*
LLB - Bachelor of Laws
LLD - Doctor of Laws*
LLM - Master of Laws

- M -

MA - Master of Arts
MALS - Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
MAT - Master of Arts in Teaching
MB - Bachelor of Medicine (a British medical degree)
MBA - Master of Business Administration
MD - Medical Doctor
MDiv- Master of Divinity
MEd - Master of Education
MEM - Master of Environmental Management, Master of Engineering Management
MEng - Master of Engineering
MF - Master of Forestry
MFA - Master of Fine Arts
MHS - Master of Health Sciences
MLS - Master of Library Science
MM - Master of Music
MPA - Master of Public Administration
MPH - Master of Public Health
MPhil - Master of Philosophy
MPP - Master of Public Policy
MS - Master of Science
MSc - Master of Science
MSN - Master of Science in Nursing
MSW - Master of Social Work
MTh - Master of Theology

- N -

ND - Doctor of Naturopathy

- P -

PharmD - Doctor of Pharmacy
PhD - Doctor of Philosophy
PsyD - Doctor of Psychology

- S -

SB - Bachelor of Science
ScB - Bachelor of Science
ScM - Master of Science
ScD - Doctor of Science
SJD - Doctor of Juridical Science

- T -

ThM - Master of Theology

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