Beat Saber is a virtual reality headset rhythm game for Playstation 4, Vive, and Oculus. It came out in mid 2018 to rave reviews and remains one of the top games in the VR line up. In it you control a pair of beat sabers which you use to cut colored blocks that travel toward you in time to music. Cut the blue blocks with the blue saber and the red blocks with the red saber. Most blocks have a direction that they have to be cut from, left arrow on a block means cut left to right, down arrow means cut top to bottom. Dots mean they can be cut from any direction. Lastly, avoid striking the mines with the sabers and letting the walls contact your headset. Okay, you now know everything you need to in order to play.

Beat Saber is one of the best games of this decade. This is the game that Dance Dance Revolution wanted to be. It evokes the same musical flow state faster, more intense, and with fewer leg cramps. I really can't talk this game up enough. If the base game wasn't enough the modding community keeps the goodness coming with new songs everyday. Here are a few videos to show you what I'm talking about.

I believe Beat Saber to be the best rhythm game in existence and I expect it to hold that title for a long time. I also expect it to be supported by its developers for a long time since they can keep selling tracks for it.


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