A quasi-autobiography by Linus Torvalds, co-written by David Diamond. Very well written, considering Linus isn't a professional writer at all. While not horrendously engaging for the average reader, anyone interested in Linux will probably find it to be an enjoyable read.

The first several chapters deal with his childhood, concentrating mostly on his social life (or rather, lack thereof) and his interests in computers. The middle deals mostly with his university life, which also includes the development of Linux. The latter chapters deal with Open Source, Intellectual Property, and about Linus' reaction to becoming a big, world-famous superstar. It also begins and ends with a chapter on The Meaning of Life. There are also short segments between every other chapter or so describing David's ongoing interview with Linus "God" Torvalds.

As I said before, the book, while not a Masterpiece of 20th century literature (It doesn't count as 21st century to me because most of it was written before 2001, to my knowledge), is a delightful bit of textual art that is much more interesting if you know more about computers than the average user and are at least somewhat interested in Linux.

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