Lincoln County is a county located on the Oregon Coast, approximately 50 miles west of the mid-Willamette Valley. It includes some of the Oregon Coast's most visited and most beautiful beaches. The County Seat is Newport, located in the middle of the county. Newport, and Lincoln City are the two largest cities, with about 10,000 people apiece, in a city with a total of 50,000 residents, which makes it the most populous county on the north Oregon Coast.

Like the rest of the Oregon Coast, and for that matter, much of the Pacific Northwest, European settlement of the area was based around resource industries: in this case, fishing from the Pacific Ocean and timber from the Oregon Coast Range, immediately inland. Both of those are still important, but the area is also a major destination for tourism, from in and outside the area. Since it is located just an hour or so from the Portland, Oregon area, it is easy for tourists to take day trips. Along with the rocky coastline and miles of beaches, some of the cities have interesting and historic architecture. Some of them, such as Lincoln City, are more just miles of stores and roads. As is often the case with the Oregon Coast, much of the charm of tourism-oriented areas can wear off quickly. But beyond that, there are many things to explore, including the world's shortest river and the world's smallest harbor.

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