A (hopefully somewhat comprehensive) list of Robert Heinlein books. I'm somewhat short on information right now, as my book collection is trapped in limbo after an ugly incident with an apartment, but I'll continue updating with names, synopses, and publishing dates.

But first, a list of all stories associating with his world-as-myth series: The Man Who Sold the Moon, Requiem, If This Goes On--, Misfit, Methuselah's Children, Time Enough For Love, The Rolling Stones, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, Stranger in a Srange Land, The Number of the Beast, and The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. The main proponents of this storyline are (I think) Time Enough For Love, Methuselah's Children, The Number of the Beast, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, and To Sail Beyond the Sunset -- probably best read in that order. Not that it makes much difference to anything whatsoever, the whole concept of time being irrevocably fucked anyway. Different universes described in this series are represented by time line numbers and code names; the name of the code is based on the first man on the moon in each time line. Ours is time line three (code named "Armstrong").

The following are, at present, in alphabetical order. They will be eventually in (our) chronological order. They will also eventually all have descriptions.

Assignment in Eternity -- 1953
The Best of Robert Heinlein -- 1973
Between Planets -- 1951
Beyond This Horizon -- 1948
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls -- 1985
Citizen of the Galaxy -- 1957
Destination Moon -- 1950
The Door Into Summer -- 1957
Double Star -- 1956
Expanded Universe: More Worlds of Robert Heinlein -- 1980
This is an anthology of short stories, including the following works: Life-Line, Successful Operation, Blowups Happen (1940 version), Solution Unsatisfactory, The Last Days of the United States, How To Be a Survivor, Pie From the Sky, They Do it With Mirrors, Free Men, No Bands Playing, No Flags Flying--, A Bathroom of Her Own, On The Slopes of Vesuvius, Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon, Pandora's Box, Where To?, Cliff and the Calories, Ray Guns and Rocket Ships, The Third Millennium Opens, Who Are the Heirs of Patrick Henry?, "Pravda" means "Truth", Insido Intourist, Searchlight, The Pragmatics of Patriotism, Paul Dirac, Antimatter, and You, Larger Than Life, Spinoff, and The Happy Days Ahead.
Farmer in the Sky -- 1953
Farnham's Freehold -- 1965
Friday -- 1982
Imagine a world where both test-tube children and real children coexist, but where there is a serious discrimination problem against the test-tube children? This story follows Friday, an in-vitro child, as she struggles with her life as one.
Glory Road -- 1963
The Green Hills of Earth -- 1947
Have Space Suit - Will Travel -- 1958
Heil! (AKA Successful Operation) -- 1942
I Will Fear No Evil -- 1970
Job: A Comedy of Justice -- 1984
The Man Who Sold the Moon -- 1951
The Menace From Earth -- 1957
Methuselah's Children -- 1941
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress -- 1966
The Notebooks of Lazarus Long -- 1978
The Number Of the Beast -- 1980
Four main characters, Deety and Zebediah Carter, and Hilda and Jacob Burroughs, get together in a chance encounter at a party, wherein Jacob accidentally reveals his invention: a six-dimensional time-space translator. The four hop in Zeb's flying car and have a grand ol' time crossing every imaginable frontier and lots more than you would ever think of. I think this one happens on time line four (I think), code named "Ballox O'Malley".
Orphans of the Sky -- 1963
This is a compilation of two stories: Universe, and Common Sense.
The Past Through Tomorrow: "Future History stories" -- 1967
This is an anthology which contains the following short stories: Lifeline, The Roads Must Roll, Blowups Happen (1946 version 1), The Man Who Sold the Moon, Delilah and the Space Rigger, Space Jockey, Requiem, The Long Watch, Gentlemen, Be Seated, The Black Pits of Luna, "It's Great to be Back!", "--We Also Walk Dogs", Searchlight, Ordeal in Space, The Green Hills of Earth, Logic of Empire, The Menace From Earth, "If This Goes On--", Coventry, Misfit, and Methuselah's Children. All of the stories in this anthology come from his 'future history' set, which is later relegated to timeline two, codenamed "Leslie LeCroix".
Podkayne of Mars -- 1963
The Puppet Masters -- 1951
Red Planet -- 1949
Revolt in 2100 -- 1953
Rocket Ship Galileo -- 1947
The Rolling Stones -- 1952
Sixth Column (a.k.a. The Day After Tomorrow) -- 1949
Space Cadet -- 1948
The Star Beast -- 1954
Starman Jones -- 1953
Starship Troopers -- 1959
Stranger in a Strange Land -- 1961
Three by Heinlein -- 1965
Time Enough for Love -- 1973
Time for the Stars -- 1956
Tomorrow the Stars (Ed.) -- 1952
To Sail Beyond the Sunset -- 1987 (his last novel)
The main character, Maureen Johnson (Long), as she details her life's history in a bizarre, mostly non-chronological account. Very interesting, quite burlesque, stretching the confines of social tuning to previously unseen limits. This one takes place on time line two, codenamed "Leslie LeCroix".
Tunnel in the Sky -- 1955
The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag (a.k.a. 6 x H)-- 1942
Universe -- 1941
Waldo & Magic, Inc. (a.k.a. Waldo: Genius in Orbit) -- 1950
The Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein -- 1966
This anthology of short stories contains the following: Pandora's Box, Free Man, Blowups Happen (1946 version 2), Searchlight, Life-line, and Solution Unsatisfactory.

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