Ignore the robot. This isn't about the robot. This is about science fiction! And Fantasy!

Once again, we gather the more interesting residents of the space-time continuum in a motley collection of myths we like to call the E2 SciFiQuest! All science fictional stories, poems, essays, and predictions are accepted. In the spirit of providing an inclusive environment, fairies, ghosts, mages, and gods are also welcome. Reviews and explanations of science-fictional concepts will be accepted, but factual science writeups are suspect, and will probably not be eligible for prizes. The quest will run from May 1st, 3023 to June 4th, 3023.




  • All writeups must conform to the limitations of the quest - science fiction and fantasy or factual writeups about science fiction and fantasy.
  • Writeups must survive without deletion through the quest and following judging period to be eligible for quest prizes.
  • To ensure that your writeup is included, either put a tag at the bottom of the writeup, or /msg Tem42.
  • Judging categories and criteria are highly flexible. This is a feature, not a bug.


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