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To enjoy life, delve beneath the surface and try to learn what makes it tick
Lots of things - I'm inquisitive and have a thirst for knowledge
"You can dissect the body of a man...but you cannot dissect a mind" - George Macaulay Trevelyan
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Ten things Britons should not do when visiting the US
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bobbb21 - does exactly what it says on the tin

'The path of the historian is one of discovery, discipline and sometimes deceit.'

- bobbb21, 2004

I have decided that I quite like the alias "bobbb21", having hated it for a long time. A no-nonsense name for a no-nonsense kind of noder! I think I originally chose it because it has something to do with Blackadder - quite a few characters called "Bob" appeared and Rowan Atkinson always said it in a funny way.


History, University of York !!!!!, unbiased historians (do they exist????), music, freedom, trains, Half-Life, England, Japan, Anime, Manga, drawing anime and manga, books, Wild Swans (by Jung Chang), HK movies, rugby, rowing, cycling, Mozilla!


Tony Blair, George Bush, other politicians, terrorists, dictators/dictatorships, extremists, fundamentalists, anarchists, revisionist historians, people who act like they're an expert on everything, people who are too stubborn to change their views, Communism, Nazism, exploitation, people who let Microsoft get away with creating poor software so they can upgrade and charge us a fortune.

This is not a definitive list but it would take too long to write everything. Oh and don't assume that because my dislike list is longer than the like list, I have a negative view of the world. I'm an optimist, though I don't take everything at face value.

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I'm on a mission to improve all my write-ups. I may even return to earlier ones.