E2 Linux User Group

e2LUG is a Linux Users Group for Everything2, if you hadn't guessed from the name. We cater for Linux users, developers, enthusiasts and newbies.

We aim to give help to newbies (because newbies are the future etc), friendliness to the experienced users and a goddamn good hiding to trolls, flamebaiters and idiots. We also node a bit about Linux, though it's not required.

We have a clubhouse and workshop, to chat and share information, too.

Prerequisites for joining: Have Linux installed, have brain, are not troll. Meet those three criteria? You may just be an e2lugger.

  • 00100: Linux-only since 1999. Environment: Slackware 10.2 + wmii on the laptop, Solaris or Debian on the servers. Programmer in Python, perl, C and Haskell, with aspirations toward Clean and Erlang. Also: databases, XML, XHTML/CSS, the Everything Engine.

  • 3suns: Has been using Linux almost exclusively since 2000, primarily Debian unstable. Runs Gnome with all the fixin's on both desktop and IBM laptop. Loves to fidget with random parts of the system, write crazy perl scripts, and get challenging hardware to work, has also done a considerable quantity of programming on linux, and one of his short-term goals is to actually contribute some open-source software of value.

  • abiessu: using linux since 1999, both as primary OS and hobbying; uses linux at work for SSI scripts to serve reports and generally make life easier; hides all frills militantly.

  • allseeingeye: runs a Redhat 7.3 web/mail server out of his downstairs closet. It contains no porn.

  • anbolb: doesn't know an awful lot about it, but runs SuSE 8.2 and is rabid about how cool WindowMaker is, but uses the KDE apps like Kate and Konsole etc. Is learning C++ and knows the very basics of perl and some PHP. Some geek huh?

  • avalyn: a Linux user since 1995, primarily in an end-user capacity, though sometimes as an admin of various servers. Currently using SuSE 9.3, experience mostly involves Mandrake and Redhat. Is also versed in various *BSDs.

  • Calast: has run Debian GNU/Linux and FreeBSD on my self-assembled Opteron 150 desktop. (linux compiled for 64 bit) for a year. Also knows somePython, Bash, C++. Basically, is a tinkerer.

  • cartel: is an admin for 100+ Debian servers from a Gentoo desk, on which he runs KDE. Does a lot with emacs, but has been known to use nano, pico, or vi, in that order. Has been using linux since 1996 as a primary desktop os - Redhat, Slackware and now Debian and Gentoo.

  • eversion: A Linux newbie who's easing himself in with SuSE 8.2 and trying to muster up the courage to put Debian on the server he's building. As an architect, he spends a lot of time wishing there were more CAD applications for Linux.

  • Glowing Fish has Debian Sarge at home, and is a build instructor at Free Geek.

  • idan runs Debian GNU/Linux ("Sid"), which he keeps running the latest stable kernel. idan only uses Free Software, and carries knoppix (PPC and x86) CDs everywhere to ensure that he never will be forced to use proprietary software. idan is always happy to help out a n00b.

  • interrobang: Still a newbie, but Linux-only (on a laptop and a webserver). Slackware; GNOME; Jed or gedit. Pokes around with Perl, Python and PHP.

  • melodrame; usesDebian unstable on the desktop, first started with RedHat/Mandrake in 1999. Uses Emacs for programming and writing documents (in LaTeX); for sysadmin work, uses vim.

  • NotFabio: Running Red Hat Professional Workstation on at ThinkPad T series, and Red Hat 8 on the USNA beowulf cluster, appropriately named Armada.

  • novasoy has Gentoo running on a SPARC Ultra 10.

  • quamaretto: Currently using Debian,Enlightenment (Sony VAIO), Mepis/KDE (eMachines T1440), (has used Mandrake, Slackware, ThizLinux, Morphix, Knoppix, Sourcemage, with fluxbox, windowmaker). Experience in programming and Unix is intermediate, but a networking novice.

  • ReiToei: Runs Mandrake Linux, mostly hacking Freevo and MythTV for his own evil purposes. It's not his desktop OS of choice for my work, but likes to fiddle around, has been doing so since 1998.

  • RoguePoet: Was the world's last surviving user of Windows ME, until switching to Linux in late 2005. Chose a distro based on the sole criterion of "has coolest name" and thus uses Ubuntu, which he loves.

  • RPGeek: Started using Linux in early 2000. Within a year he was choosing the components for his new computer specifically to run Linux well. Initially ran Red Hat, then switched to Mandrake and finally Debian unstable. Now runs Debian 99% of the time. Is a KDE and XEmacs fan.

  • ryouga: has a debian server, a gentoo tower, an ibook g4 and an XP machine, just all about the spectrum. Works for a cable company who uses craploads of solaris.

  • Simpleton: Linux has been the primary desktop OS since '98. Chronologically it goes: Red Hat, Debian, Mandrake, Debian, Gentoo, and currently Debian (on four systems right now). Can never leave <code>apt</code> for long.

  • sneff: Has just ditched WinXP and moved over to Mandrake. He also cooks.

  • spiregrain: Has been using unix since about 1997, and linux since 1999. Initially RedHat, and latelty Gentoo. So there.

  • stupot: Using Linux since '97 (Redhat 4.1 Vanderbilt) now hosting all his websites from it at home, and administering at work (both Slackware). Technical editor of Überhacker II. His religion dictates bash and vi.

  • Swap: Hardcore Debian user and free software proponent. Emacs addict. Comfortable with mathematical software like GNU Octave, Maxima, and LaTeX typesetting. Some experience coding in C++, mostly for numerics. Completely weaned of all traces of proprietary software and carries around a Knoppix CD so as to avoid touching at all times. non-free software.

  • unperson: has been using Linux for a file server since sometime in 2001, and finally dumped Win2k for a Linux desktop about a year ago. Currently, uses debian testing and Libranet. Uses Linux for work, because it's a good environment for programming needed for research. "I'm mainly into linux because I believe that software should always give users more freedom and more power, never take it away, and that's what free software does."

  • Wiccanpiper: Now running Kubuntu ... and loving it. Has most everything he needs on that box, but hasn't quite been able to kick the Windows box to the curb yet.
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