I stole nickels and pennies.
I stole dollars and dimes.
I stole seconds and minutes,
And hours of your time.

I stole butter and bread.
I stole water and wine.
I stole days and weeks,
And months of your time.

I stole happiness and joy.
I stole sadness and misery.
I stole years of your life,
And kept them for me.

I stole myself and you.
I stole ourselves and them.
I stole suits and dresses,
And family and friends.

I stole false and truthful.
I stole aged and youthful.
I stole everything,
That made you beautiful.

I stole your heart and soul.
I stole your skin and your bones.
I stole your body and being,
And dressed you as me.

I am ashamed of the skin that I wear.
I am ashamed of the name that I use.
I am ashamed of everything I stole,
But I am proud of my life as you.