"Warm!!" cries out Fluffy, the newly bought blanket, soft and thick. "I will keep you warm!!"

As he is thrown on the bed, spread from corner to corner, every corner of the bed he pledges to keep warm.

In the chill of the Winter night, you pull him slightly closer and he joyously assures you, "I will keep you warm."

As winter breaks into Spring you mumble in your sleep that perhaps it is a bit too warm.... But all Fluffy hears is "warm...."

Clearly, Fluffy concludes, you want him to warm you more, and so he will keep you, warmer and warmer.

But Fluffy does not know that his role passes with the seasons.

And as the Springtime takes its full turn, Fluffy finds himself taken from the bed.

He is folded neatly by halves and in quarters until he is a thick, neatly stacked square.

Dropped in the linen closet atop old folded sheets, there to stay until Winter's next bite.

Surveying his new surroundings, Fluffy whispers down to the sheets below, "I will keep you warm."