By the time I finish writing, the dishwasher will be quiet, lights will be turned off for the evening, leaving only night lights strategically placed throughout the house. In the back room, there's a sea anemone shell on a cork base made by my husband back when he went scuba diving. There's a pink plastic night light in the cats' hangout; a vanilla scented air freshener/night light combo in the mud room, ending downstairs in the kitchen with a very small orange plug protector that stays on all the time. Our current favorite is a white glowing plastic Jesus looking down lovingly over the old toaster and coffeemaker.

The week has been productive. Lots of prepping outdoor plants to come in from the cold, vacuuming and steam cleaning all of the Persian rugs, both large and small, and trying some new recipes for Fall.

On the health front, ARGGGGHHH. Even though Rheumatologist lowered Methotrexate and Prednisone, I developed mouth sores (which he warned me 1-3% of people report this side effect). The mouth sores got worse despite various home-brewed rinses until I was unable to eat anything with texture or crunch. My throat hurt like fuck, had red spots at the back similar to strep with white crud on tongue, accompanied by fever of 101F... on a Friday night.

Thankfully, my dentist is open alternate Saturdays, so I called and explained situation, got in on emergency basis. He took one look and said I needed oral antifungal medication, which I asked him to prescribe. He also prescribed Clotrimazole Troches 5X per day and said to avoid sugar, something he's never mentioned in 15 years. He said it might take 3-5 days to feel better but I don't. Of course, the new meds have side effects plus I feel slightly overwhelmed by the addition to my pill taking regime.

I suppose things could be worse so what's a gal to do? Fasting tonight and getting labs done tomorrow, then seeing Cardiologist and Rheumatologist next Friday. Before the outside temps go down to 18F at night, all of my plants should be repotted, pruned, and sitting pretty. The last and largest rug might be finished. Operative words being should and might. Mid-week, I chatted with my mother after she'd gone to a street fair, had an episode of shortness of breath, was "escorted" back to her Assisted Living.

As they say on NCIS: New Orleans, "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"